It's Been Awhile, Friends

Hey Friends. It's been a long time. 

6 years actually. A lot has happened since the last time you saw me, and my garden! I am unsure if I'll be getting into blogging full time again, but for whatever reason this place feels like a sanctuary. The place I used to come to write about my failures and successes, and the place where I met some great pals that I have missed over the years. 

So here is a basic update. The blog is out of date, clearly. Sadly and heartbreakingly, Mr. Gardener and I are no longer together. Its a long story, and deeply personal and this is most likely the only time I will be vulnerable enough to even go there. 

I also don't live in Cleveland anymore! I now live in crazy-town, aka New York City. What can I say? It feels like a place one can go to figure shit out. Kinda. I am a teacher here, I have an apartment with a decent-sized patio attached to my bedroom, and space for the cats. 

So that's the jist of it friends. My family has been broken, my heart has been broken, and I'm working on putting my life together. I'll be posting the new garden here (all in pots), or I might just be writing to get the feelings out. Could go either way. 

Regardless, thanks for being here. 

~Tiny Gardener

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