Yarden 2015

I'm going to call this Yarden 2.0... We have big plans for the yarden this year... It is going from raised beds to "traditional" planting beds with ornamentals in order to make our house more appealing for future home buyers... Yes, you read that right, future home buyers. We want to sell the house eventually and build our dream house here in the city (I think. Maybe. Most likely). Anyhoo, that won't happen for at least a couple of years, which will give the yarden time to grow in and mature (and don't you fret, I'm totally going to be throwing in lots of edibles and goodies, and chickens of course. But here is the yarden as of Monday this week....

The front yarden. The cherry tree is beautiful this year! I need to cut back my hydrangea sticks....

The other side of the house - we are replacing the concrete this summer... Winter really took a toll on the hard scape this year. 

The side yarden from the back of the house - a barren waste land until we take care of some foundation issues and put in glass block in the basement :( Our rain barrels also took a hit... A friend ran into them this winter and broke the spout off, and then a wind storm took them out for good... They are sitting in the garage until I figure out a new home for them. 

The side yarden from the front of the house

I am so proud of this little hydrangea... I transplanted a branch from the other hydrangea that had taken root two winters ago, and it has really grown up nicely!

I transplanted another hydnragea branch a few weeks ago... Do you see it?
See that tiny little hydrangea sprout?? I love it :D
The back yarden from up above... Big plans I tell ya! 
 The next set of pictures is of the back yarden in circle so you can see everything before the big changes...
My neighbor put up a fence! Woo!! It's like our own little private yard now. I love it. 

Big plans for the garage - kind of a driving force behind the yarden overhaul... It needs to be sided (thanks a lot chickens) and a real garage door needs to be put on. Basically the chickens need to move out. 

This is the plan for the new yarden... A new coop, a new run, and planting bed surrounding the perimeter of the yarden. I was debating putting in an island bed with a picnic table, but Mr Yardener said no way. The brown area next to the chicken run will be mulched as it is not techincally our property, and it will allow me easy access to the coop for maintenance. The coop is actually on the north side of the yard, so to give the chickens some shade and respite, we will plant tall ornamental grasses and hostas. The rain barrels will stay where they are. The grey you see is alllllll of the concrete in our yard... Ugh... Concrete waste land. Those big green splotches on the plan are dwarf fruit trees!! 


Tiny Gardener is Back!

Hey Y'all! SOOO much stuff has happened since October. First off, I have really missed keeping track of the yarden through pictures, and second, I have really missed keeping up with everyone's gardening adventures! But I'm back! Woo!!! So here is my catch up in pictures! There are a lot, so be prepared... This is mostly personal stuff, tomorrow I will catch y'all up on the Yarden.

Car got stolen, Got a new one!

Ran the Bernie Shuffle, it was cold

Moved the laundry room up to the main floor of the house

Got gussied up for a fancy holiday party

Did the polar plunge January 1... It was cold and it hurt!

Ran a race
Got a new dining room floor!
Got a treadmill! I'm apparently a serious runner now :)

Ran alot with these awesome ladies

Got to see Ina Garten!!!!

Spent time bee-boppin around town

Ran another race

Adopted some outside kitties... This is Fred and Ethel


Ran another race
Found this dog abandoned... Found him a new home right next door :)



Got a sweet-ass Vitamix

I now make insanely good smoothies


Ate a lot of pasta

Learned that these ladies are my sole-mates :) haha, get it?

Had my own personal cheering section, and it was AWESOME

Finished in the rain with the most ridiculous smile on my face!