Something's BUGging Me

Ugh... Effing garden pests... To be specific, cabbage worms. Now, I don't have any actual cabbages this year, but I DID have brussel sprouts, which I pulled out due to cabbage worm infestation. And I DO have kale (our FAVORITE plant food) which is slowly becoming infested with the damn things.
My kale bed

Now, I've been using diatomaceous earth to try and combat the little buggers, but as of late, it seems a waste of energy and money. I think I'm gonna have to pull the kale *big sad face...

I DO want to plant more kale though, and I want to put it under a row cover cover in the back yarden. All the internet sites say to use 1/2 inch pvc, but I worry about it bending appropriately, or not bending? I imagine it will look something like this...

I plan on using this Agribon AG-19 fabric to cover the hoops and the kale. The description says it will protect plants in temps as low as 26 degrees, which for this purpose is excellent as I want to try to keep the kale growing through at least January.

Have any of you used this fabric or something similar? Do any of y'all use pvc to make little hoop houses? How are they working out??


  1. Fercryinoutloud. I would be apoplectic if some GD bug attacked my kale! I have used and do to this day use pvc hoops and Agribon cover. I pound in rebar and push the pvc onto them. This has worked well and keeps them rigid. I use the lighter Agribon cover and let the snow fall on my kale in winter. It amazingly comes back every spring!

  2. they look like aphids to me. there are insecticides that do a good job, not that they are organic in my experience.I started using pvc for hoops and eventually moved to emt and bent with a jig from Johnnys, they work a bit better when snow totals and weight loads are extreme, also rebar used with pvc does help however the cost difference is minimal. my 2 cents Larry

  3. We used pvc for hoop houses and I loved it. But now with the Giant Sloppy Dog, we can't have it up as he'd just walk right over & through it. We just used a cheepie plastic sheeting over the hoops and it worked well.....until it got windy :(