Picture Project

Since I got my fancy new camera, I have been obsessed with taking pictures - aren't you lucky my faithful readers???

I want to do something like this in my house (this is totally Pinterest inspired FYI)

The first thing that needs to happen is that I need to start collecting frames... I gathered a BUNCH from a city-wide garage sale a few weeks ago, and I got around to painting them! I want them all to match in color, but not necessarily size or style, and that is exactly what I got!

Some of these were REALLY ugly, but I found that the uglier they were before, the cooler they were after!

I even painted the frames that were already black... I wanted all the frames to be the same color black, the same finish, and lets face it... Frames from garage sales usually have some dings and scratches that need to be covered up. I painted the front and the backs of all the frames.

After the frames were dry enough for me to touch, I hung them across an old board so that they could cure and I could clean up the driveway. All I need to do now is clean up the glass that was in them, and get some pictures printed! Oh yeah, and I need to build those shelves....

For the frames and paint, I think I spent a grand total of $25... The paint I used I would not recommend sadly... It was kind of a pain to use as it really liked to spurt out big globs of paint when the sprayer button was first pressed... Every. Single. Time. I gave up doing the spray/move, spray/move I was taught all my life and just held the button down. I'm sure I wasted a lot of paint, but I didn't want globs all over my frames!

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