Cleaning Out the House

I've been in a "lets get this dang house cleaned out" kind of mood lately, and today I purged all my old magazines from their tidy containers of dust. Sorry, I didn't think about before and after pics until too late.

I realized that I uses to get magazines when I was a professional traveler to have something to pass my time on the plane. I then neatly filed them by title and date, to reference later on. WHO in their right mind actually references them later on?!?! Not me, I can tell you that. I swept up the thick layer of dust from the shelf and put our printer paper supply in the magazines place (rather than keeping it where it was on the floor and all over the desk rendering it useless.)

The local school has one of those community paper recycling dumpsters, so that is where everything went. Check with your local city about recycling laws and available options so that when you feel like purging useless junk, you know where to take it to dispose of it properly.

I'm thinking next on my list is my storage room!

Oh and a computer update! I finally had my motherboard replaced only come to find out that the thing needs a new battery as well. So, same old issue, same old wait, wait, wait. At least I can blog!


  1. Hmmmm......thanks for reminding me about the three boxes of magazines shoved in the corner of my bedroom.

  2. I love purging! I'm getting ready to clean out/reorganize my clothing closet. Too much stuff mixed together- winter and spring...

  3. I am in desperate need of a magazine purge - and you are so right; all those magazines I kept to reference later? Not happening!