Ugh... Blossom End Rot

Ughh.... Blossom end rot... Dang it!!! When I planted the tomatoes, I did just as Granny prescribed and put in ground up eggshells and a ground up aspirin tablet. I even amended this bed with peat moss...


I checked all the tomatoes and these were the only two victims so far. The cherry tomatoes all seem to be fine. I just can't grow big tomatoes!!!


Picture Project

Since I got my fancy new camera, I have been obsessed with taking pictures - aren't you lucky my faithful readers???

I want to do something like this in my house (this is totally Pinterest inspired FYI)

The first thing that needs to happen is that I need to start collecting frames... I gathered a BUNCH from a city-wide garage sale a few weeks ago, and I got around to painting them! I want them all to match in color, but not necessarily size or style, and that is exactly what I got!

Some of these were REALLY ugly, but I found that the uglier they were before, the cooler they were after!

I even painted the frames that were already black... I wanted all the frames to be the same color black, the same finish, and lets face it... Frames from garage sales usually have some dings and scratches that need to be covered up. I painted the front and the backs of all the frames.

After the frames were dry enough for me to touch, I hung them across an old board so that they could cure and I could clean up the driveway. All I need to do now is clean up the glass that was in them, and get some pictures printed! Oh yeah, and I need to build those shelves....

For the frames and paint, I think I spent a grand total of $25... The paint I used I would not recommend sadly... It was kind of a pain to use as it really liked to spurt out big globs of paint when the sprayer button was first pressed... Every. Single. Time. I gave up doing the spray/move, spray/move I was taught all my life and just held the button down. I'm sure I wasted a lot of paint, but I didn't want globs all over my frames!

Now THAT'S a Sammich!

Sometimes, I kill me! I made up this easy recipe last summer when we were experimenting with veganism, and tonight, I mastered it!

I sliced up zucchini, eggplant, red peppers, and left whole some large portobello mushrooms whole then laid them out on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper and drizzeled them lightly with olive oil, generously with balsamic vinegar, and topped with a sprinkling of steak seasoning blend. They roasted at 400 for about 40 minutes (flipped once, halfway through). While they were roasting, I did the dishes, and caramelized some onions.

Once the veggies were done (I USED to just top some bread with them and call it a day) I slathered some bread with veganaise (regular mayo, dijon mustard, or hummus would also be awesome!) and then layered in my veggies with the addition of spinach, and grilled it on my grill pan and pressed it with another cast iron pan.



Zucchini Fail

Remember when I presented my grand experiment of the season? Zucchini in pots? Weren't they so pretty???

Then a few weeks later, they looked this this... And I was so flippin excited!!!!

Well, here is how they look today.... And I am NOT so flippin excited....

I will be pulling these things from there pots sometime this week. We got a grand total of TWO squashes. That's it. You know, in a few weeks when y'all are sneaking your extra zukes into unlocked cars and flinging them at passerbys, and trying to feed them to your chickens and pigz and even THEY are sick of them, you can just send them my way because I am in zucchini withdrawal.... 


Cleaning Out the House

I've been in a "lets get this dang house cleaned out" kind of mood lately, and today I purged all my old magazines from their tidy containers of dust. Sorry, I didn't think about before and after pics until too late.

I realized that I uses to get magazines when I was a professional traveler to have something to pass my time on the plane. I then neatly filed them by title and date, to reference later on. WHO in their right mind actually references them later on?!?! Not me, I can tell you that. I swept up the thick layer of dust from the shelf and put our printer paper supply in the magazines place (rather than keeping it where it was on the floor and all over the desk rendering it useless.)

The local school has one of those community paper recycling dumpsters, so that is where everything went. Check with your local city about recycling laws and available options so that when you feel like purging useless junk, you know where to take it to dispose of it properly.

I'm thinking next on my list is my storage room!

Oh and a computer update! I finally had my motherboard replaced only come to find out that the thing needs a new battery as well. So, same old issue, same old wait, wait, wait. At least I can blog!


Coming to You Live! From a Computer!

The computer is still broken, but it is in my possession and works as long as it is plugged into a wall. So here are just some pics to keep y'all happy until I update the pics again. These date back to about 2 weeks ago, and the yarden has really changed, so I need to take new pics. Enjoy!