Blog-Post-Athon and Zucchinis in Pots

Carolyn over at Krazo Acres, as well as many other blogger have noticed a decline in blog posts as of late, and is passing on the idea of a blog-post-athon to get us all back in the habit. I missed yesterday, but I was busy! I am sure that this lull will pick up once everyone is relatively done with their spring/early summer gardening/farm chores (are we ever really done?) and has the time to blog again. But I'm gonna give it a go anyways. I know that I am reading everyone's blogs, but I just don't comment often. I don't know why, because I know that I LOVE comments on my blog, so I will also make an effort to comment more in addition to posting regularly.

Today I bring you my zucchini. I decided to have a go in pots just to see what would happen. Last year's monster zucchini that took up an entire bed were more than I could handle in terms of sheer annoyance. I purchased a smaller compact variety this year, hoping that they would do well in my pots. The red pots shown here are about 12 inches across at the top and the black pot is about 24 inches across at the bottom.
excuse the real estate sign... They are everywhere around this place!

They seem to be doing well so far, I will make sure to keep you guys posted throughout the season of course. 

Have any of you put zukes or other squash in a pot? How did it go?


  1. That's a great idea. I did something different this year, too. I put my zukes in bags. Of organic gardening soil. How is that for lazy gardening??

  2. I have not put zucchini in pots, by may give it a whirl since I have yet to even get any in the ground. I'm such a sloth. Only problem with pots for me is that the stupid sloppy dog has suddenly taken to chewing up EVERYthing around the yard, including my gardening pots.