Computer Update #5

Got a call from the computer guys (whose fault this is not, I must keep reminding myself) that ASUS has given them an ETA for my motherboard of Monday! So hopefully, I will get the laptop back by Wednesday and I can be uploading all my new pics for you guys by the end of the holiday weekend. Woo!!

Hopefully, knock on wood, fingers and toes crossed, and all that jazz, everything goes well and the part really does arrive on time.


Computer Update #4

Well... Shit... The part still hasn't arrived to the repair center... I called and raised hell and will be picking up my computer (probably later today or tomorrow) UNrepaired so that I can at least use it plugged into the wall while these dudes wait for my new motherboard.

Its been 3 weeks and I am severely irritated.

Dear ASUS - I hate you.


Another No-Computer Update and Harvest Monday

STILL without proper technology, I am typing from school. Ugh. Apparently, Asus changed their ordering system for parts, so my future motherboard has fallen victim to technology screw-ups and the repair people are at the mercy of the vendor, so here I am, computer-less going on week 3.

I actually have a ton of stuff to tell you guys about, and am really bummed that I haven't been able to keep up with the June Blog-athon. So here is a list of coming attractions:

Harvest Mondays! I have pics!
New camera! I am REALLY excited about this one!
Chickens and Eggs!
Yarden Produce Preservation! (Already!!!)
Neighborhood pics!
School Stuff!

I suppose in the spirit of Harvest Monday, I can dish on what we have gotten so far.

Peas: 9 lbs 12 oz
Kale: 4 lbs 8 oz

Cherries will be picked tonight, so I will dish about those next week. This year they will be going into the dehydrator, as we still have preserves left over from last year. Peas will be going into the freezer tonight, and so will the kale. I have more kale to pick, so that will be added onto next weeks totals as well.

Question! How do you guys add a gadget to the side of your blogs that display your harvest totals? I really want to add that, but I have no idea how. I suppose I could just create a gadget and update it every week, but that seems like a pain. Any ideas??



Hey all! Coming to you from my tablet, so you know how desperate I am. I got a call from the computer doctor, and he is STILL waiting on a part for my laptop. It apparently needs a new motherboard, kind of an important thing.

Just some quick updates...

I spent my weekend computerless and built an entire swing set for my nephew. By myself. The instructions said "two men, 12 hours." It didn't take into account that women are smarter than men, and it took me 6 hours. Speaking of men....

I was gone for an entire total of 36 hours. Want to know what I came home to? (I'm supremely irritated, I wish you could see my face) Chickens had no food, Fuzz (outside kitty) was locked in the garage foodless and waterless, cats had no food, and the flowers in pots were half dead. It is apparent that when the yardener leaves the homestead in the charge of Hubby, even for only a day, all hell breaks loose. I'm just happy no one ended up dead. Still irritated as hell, but thankful..

Veggies are doing well, I am fighting the feral cats right now... They have worms, and they poop in my beds, and then my gross dog eats it, so then she had worms... Every one is healthy and has been medicated since I last posted, but now we have to take all kinds of precautions in the yarden so as to not re-worm (is that even a word?) the dog and possibly the inside cats simply from our shoes. Ugh. I hate animals sometimes.

I have lots of pictures to show you guys, and lots of stuff to talk about, but it is going to have to wait until I can get the pics off of my camera.

I really miss my computer :(


No Computer

I know I dedicated myself to blogging every da for the month of June, but my computer died. Well, kind of. It started this thing where it only wanted to work when it was plugged into the wall. I took it to the store where I purchased it (big shout out to Microcenter! Love you guys!) and they diagnosed it and said I need a new motherboard. THANK GAWD the thing was still under the manufacturer's warranty.

This post is coming courtesy of my tablet, which is not the most friendly to use to blog, so I just wanted to drop in and say sorry I haven't been keeping my end of the bargain! The computer should be back to me by the end of this week, so hopefully I will be back to blogging next weekend.



Yarden at the Beginning of June

I know, I'm supposed to post every day. I'm working on it. Here is a complete profile of the yarden in pics. Enjoy!

Front Yarden - The hydrangea is coming back really nicely!

The little unexpected hydrangea I cut from the other one is doing really well too. I have high hopes it!

Might be able to get a little harvest from the kale soon!

Back Yarden



Peppers and Eggplant

Peas - Lots of flowers, but no actual peas yet... 

Cucumber bed is finally planted. I got it in a little late, but better late than never!

Chicken coop decor

Umbrella stands with flowers! Well, it will have actual flowers eventually...


Blog-Post-Athon and Zucchinis in Pots

Carolyn over at Krazo Acres, as well as many other blogger have noticed a decline in blog posts as of late, and is passing on the idea of a blog-post-athon to get us all back in the habit. I missed yesterday, but I was busy! I am sure that this lull will pick up once everyone is relatively done with their spring/early summer gardening/farm chores (are we ever really done?) and has the time to blog again. But I'm gonna give it a go anyways. I know that I am reading everyone's blogs, but I just don't comment often. I don't know why, because I know that I LOVE comments on my blog, so I will also make an effort to comment more in addition to posting regularly.

Today I bring you my zucchini. I decided to have a go in pots just to see what would happen. Last year's monster zucchini that took up an entire bed were more than I could handle in terms of sheer annoyance. I purchased a smaller compact variety this year, hoping that they would do well in my pots. The red pots shown here are about 12 inches across at the top and the black pot is about 24 inches across at the bottom.
excuse the real estate sign... They are everywhere around this place!

They seem to be doing well so far, I will make sure to keep you guys posted throughout the season of course. 

Have any of you put zukes or other squash in a pot? How did it go?