Caution, this is very picture heavy!

I finally got around to taking some pictures, as per the request of Carolyn. First up is Fuzz... Last summer we had Opie for a few weeks, and this is Fuzz. She is all of 4 pounds, and tiny, and super sweet. She enjoys sleeping with the chickens and eating treats, cat food, and mice. 
She is actually squeaking her "hello food giver!" squeak/meow

Mmmmm foooood

Then there is the front yard. I surprised myself and have taken pictures every month since the last snow. Everything is coming along nicely. 
Beginning of March
April 1

May 1
Tulips are ALMOST all grown. I love these. They are a super dark purple and oh so lovely. 

Cherry blossoms!
Now for the back yarden. Things are slow going back there... 
May arial
Garlic bed... I think I will have to start with new garlic in the fall. The cloves and heads are getting smaller and smaller each year. 

Peas are coming along nicely as well. I can't wait until these really get going. They rarely even make it into the house because they are so damn good!
 And then there are the effing chickens.... 
The evil escape artist... 

Evil Blackie and my two good girls, Blondie and Little One
And then I can't forget all of the seedlings! I can't wait to get these babies into the ground!
All the tomatoes... I accidentally forgot to sow them on time because of my school crap, so they are just a little behind everything else

Kale, zinnias, and stuff

Brussel sprouts

Flat of flowers... I am really flower heavy this year. I want my back yarden patio to be nice and lush for the Garden Walk, and flowers are freakin expensive!!!
Thanks for putting up with me for so long without pics. I really hope to stop sucking at that part of the blog now that I have time. And I want to stop sucking at gardening, especially now that I don't have summer classes. Woo!!!!

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  1. Well, with school and all, I'm sure you've just had sooooo much time to blog. Thanks for the kitty pictures though! Fuzz, love that name and she's a cutie :) You're garden is going better than mine and our last frost date was nineteen days ago. I'm such a sloth.