Its Cold...

...Again... End of the world? No, definitely not.

The sun is reported to show up later on this afternoon, we will see what happens. This is Cleveland after all!

I ordered 2 yards of mulch yesterday for delivery on Monday, and I am stoked! The front and side yardens are in desperate need of a little sprucing up, not to mention a little weed control.

I was going to plant the kale today, but it's too cold for my arthritic fingers, so they will have to wait for tomorrow. Next week the tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, basil, cucumber seeds, zucchini seeds, and beet seeds will all go in. The beets really could have gone in weeks ago, but uh, I forgot about them. It will be fine though.

I can't wait to get pics of the yarden all fancied up with new mulch for you guys to see. And my midget hydrangea... 

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  1. Oooooh, mulch! I, being the incredible cheapskate that I am, am waiting for the electric monopoly to come through and savage my trees. I made them promise to give me all the woodchips.