Getting Mentally Prepared for Fall and Winter

Yeah, you read that right. Even though summer hasn't even officially hit, I'm already planning for the upcoming seasons. This fall will bring a whole round of challenges:

1. School will be insane. I won't get home until 7-9 PM 3 nights per week, and I will have lots of papers, lesson plans, research, and licensure stuff to complete.

2. Produce from the farm. I am expecting to harvest the squash the last weekend in September. I will be in the midst of my practicum. I will have to process hundreds and hundreds of pounds of squash. I am NOT letting it all go to waste like last year. Last year was an epic fail in terms of squash.

3. Just typical yarden stuff. Cleaning up for fall, dissasembling the chicken run/coop, etc... Yeah, this batch of chickens is going to be retired after the garden walk. They are too curious for their own good (never getting barred rocks or RI reds again), and they aren't producing anymore. We get MAYBE 1 egg per day from 4 hens. I guess this isn't really a fall chore, just a regular pain-the-butt chore. They are staying until after the garden walk though, because I registered under the "attraction" of laying hens. I can't let down the adoring public!

So here is how I plan on dealing with some of this junk... This summer I am going to focus a LOT of energy on creating a frezzer full of goodies so that we aren't driven to eating chinese takeout and pizza 5 days a week. I found on Amazon these containers and these containers which I plan on making lots of soups, stews, chilis, curries, side dishes, sauces, stocks, and whatever else that can be frozen for later consumption.

I plan on making a TON of tomato sauce this summer. I usually can diced tomtoes or just freeze the cherry tomatoes for making into sauce later, but this year will be different. I do NOT want to end up with a freezer full of "ingredients," but rather a freezer full of ready-to-go goodness. All I want to have to do is make rice/noodles/potatoes to go with our dinners. Even hubby can handle making pasta for pete's sake!

I also plan on making a bunch of ready-to-go slow cooker meals like I have done in the past. I have learned which meals work and which one's dont, so I will be updating that link for everyone also.

Another tactic I plan on enacting is prepping on Sunday. You guy's don't know this, but I am really trying to get serious about running. (Ok, this week hasn't been so good, but hey, it happens) I have my training schedule planed out through December. Sundays are my rest days (from running!) so I plan on using that extra time to do my shopping if needed and to prep for the week. I want to be able to just pull out a smoothie pack for breakfast (freezer upstairs) and a big mason jar salad to take with me for lunch (which doesn't have to be in a mason jar.. afterall I will have 150 plastic containers at my disposal). And then before I leave for afternoon classes, I want to toss in a crock pot meal or pull out a dinner to thaw and heat up (freezer) right before I walk out the door.

Chelsea is another issue, albeit a tiny one. I will have to prep her week's worth of food on Sundays also. Not a big deal, I will just have to get my rhythm and grover down early. Again, I will do whatever I have to in order to take care of my furbabies.

I think I have everything covered, but if you guys have any tips for me, please share! I know I won't be the only crazy busy one out there, so I know everyone can benefit from help!


  1. Are you becoming an elementary teacher? If so I highly recommend Harry Wong, Love And Logic, and Conscious Classroom Mgmt. Works great. I'm an elementary librarian...

    1. I will end up with a license to teach middle school math and science. I want to get his book "the first years; how to be an effective teacher." It has rave reviews and has been recommended by many of my professors.

  2. Yes, our teachers use that too. The other ones I mentioned are great for student management ideas. Procedures help a tremendous amount!