Gettin 'Er Done

I worked my friggin butt off in the yarden today. More about that in a minute.

I made a deal with my backyard neighbor that if he cut down the massive weed tree that shades my vegetables, I would take care of the mess that sits on my fence line. So he did. And, well, now I have to.

Which brings me to my work of the day. First I got the old steel mesh fence taken down. I know Hubby hates that, but it was old and rusty, and falling down, and had big holes in it anyways, PLUS since my old crotchety neighbor caddie corner to us built a new privacy fence I wouldn't have a way into the other neighbors yard to take of the mess. Did you follow that? Ok, so down came the fence. I will take it this week for scrap. Yay cash!

Then I got my pruners to work and trimmed up the neighbors HUGE bushes, or are they shrubs? I have no friggin idea. Then I rakes out all the old dead weeds, leaves, and random dead crap and had a nice little bonfire in the fire pit. It kind of stunk because there was some gross wet stuff, but oh well. I pray to the friggin heavens think the brush burning is done for the year.

After the brush cleanup, I was going to sift my old compost and the broken bed dirt pile so that I could refill one of the useful garden beds, but I can't find the darn thing! I still have some hardware mesh, so making a new sifter is on the agenda for tomorrow.

I tilled two beds today, and after I sift out the dirt, one will be filled and tilled again.

I also got the plastic pallets cleaned up and ready to go into the basement. They will hold the pellets next winter, and some other various junk. Hubby wants to store everything in the basement on pallets just in case water gets in there. Guess I can add a basement overhaul to my summer to-do list.

Tomorrow is also going to be weed tackling day. I need to take care of the weeds in the front yard, around the garage, backyard neighbors weeds, and the side neighbors weeds next to their garage. Oh yeah, gotta re-string the weed whacker before I get anywhere. Gotta trim the grass too... Again...

And while all that is going on, I need to set out some of the seedlings so they can begin hardening off for planting. That will be the kale, sprouts, and flowers. I will wait a week for the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants to go outside. I REALLY don't want them to die.

How bout y'all? Are you going garden-crazy with chores too?


  1. Tomorrow is a weed & gardening day here. Really.
    Bummer that you have to take care of someone ELSE's crappy yard, but I suppose you gotta do what you gotta do to get your garden some sun (and hopefully cut down on the weed seeds blowing from his place).