A Girl and Her Mulch

First off, thank you so much everyone for your kind words, encouragement, and tips about Chelsea Belle's diet! I am a very happy dog momma and proud to report that after 5 full days on a homemade diet, she is having the poops of a champion! Great color, consistency, frequency! (TMI? Overshare?)

Second, the mulch was delivered on Monday! Now, let me just start off by saying that I ordered WAY too much. I ordered 2 yards (I nearly ordered 3, and I am soooo happy I did not!) and I have just under a yard left over. I solicited 2 neighbors to see if they wanted to buy it off me (its even organic!) but so far no takers.
The original delivery
At least I can use the driveway now. The pile is about half the size you see in that pic above, and I folded the tarp over it so it doesn't blow/wash away in the weather. I have a handful of other places I can put some mulch, I just don't know how much more will actually get used... EEK!

So in the process... The driver of the truck was really stupid... I had him dumb the mulch onto a tarp, and he had the truck right where I wanted it, but then insisted on backing up more. What do you get when you have a giant rear-wheel drive truck back up rapidly on a tarp? Oh yeah, a bunched up tarp and bright blue plastic ground into my driveway. REALLY attractive! Oh and he stepped right on one of my flower pots. So now I have too much mulch, a blue driveway, and a broken pot.
Kale Row, mulched

Baby Hydrangea, mulched

neighbor's back garden, mulched

more of the nighebor's yard, mulched

Front Yarden! Mulched! And the severely cut back hydrangea... At least it isn't dead!

Other side of my house you never EVER see... It is actually on the neighbor's property, but I mulched it anyways! (I CANNOT FREAKIN WAIT to get the brick foundation taken care of... It obviously needs some serious tuck pointing, a new coating of whatever that junk is, and we are also going to have glass block windows put in... Next summer.... Next summer will be epic)
I also took care of one other thing...
This is my rose bush... Well, at least it was. It also had a really hard time making it through the winter... 

So I tied it to the back of my car after about an hour of trying to dig it out... I love my beasty little car!
So then I was left with a big hole that I filled back in...

And then I mulched it of course! I am thinking I will fill up this pot with potting soil and put some flowers in it. It looks a little ghetto with just a pot sitting there empty. 
IN the process of mulching the back neighbor's "garden" area, I had to pull weeds. So pull I did. And while doing that, I inadvertently knelt right down into a little ant hill. I shot up after about 2 minutes of kneeling and pulling weeds to find about 50-100 little black ants biting my knee!! They don't hurt so much know as much as they freaking itch! (Ok, honestly, I got maybe 5 bites... I'm dramatic)

So lets recap... I know have too much mulch, a blue driveway, a broken flowerpot, one less rosebush, ant bites, a gorgeously mulched yard (everywhere), and oh yeah, a little bit of a sunburn. And a healthy and happy dog :) It's been a good week. 


  1. oh how I LOVE to start my day by reading your blog.....

  2. I wished we lived closer - I would buy that mulch off you in a NY minute! Isn't it amazing how we can get so excited about mulch? And how nice are you to mulch your neighbor's 'garden' - even if it is out of self-preservation...