Yarden Happenings

Today was GORGEOUS! I finished writing a paper and then got my butt outside to do some work on the yarden. I continued cleaning out the back of the yard. I had to empty the compost of all the branches and dead plants before I could dismantle it, and then I had to figure out what to do with all the crap. It wasn't very windy today (odd for April, like really odd) so I broke everything down and had a little fire in the pit. I'm not sure exactly why, but holy crap, that was the worst smelling fire I have ever had. Even the branches I burned smelled like garbage. It was gross, and I kinda felt bad for my neighbors. Only a little bit though...
This junk all got burned. And it was gross. 
This is the cement pad now where the compost and a planting bed was... Still kinda is...  I need to sift out the compost and add it to the beds. Also finish tilling out that broken down bed... I think I am going to put a little table and chairs back here for the summer once its all cleaned up.
View of the back now that stuff is coming down and out. Those pallets will go to good use in our basement
In that picture above, you can see the back fence. My lovely, stupendous, and oh-so-freakin-friendly neighbor decided to put up a teeny tiny fence blocking his yard from the little path between my fence and the neighbors garage. This will prevent me from traveling to the direct back yard neighbor's yard to weed wack and take care of that area so it doesn't become all overgrown and grow into my yarden. So my solution for now will be to take down the old crappy wire fencing (taking it to scrap for some cash) and then I will be able to maintain my yarden and his yard, and while I'm at at, I will just take care of everyone's yard... Ok Tiny Gardener, get off your high horse... I gotta take some aerial shots so you guys can really see what I'm talking about.

Anyways, the Spring cleanup is coming along nicely, and I can't wait for the next task... I need to get the tarp off the chicken run and get that all tilled out and level again. The girls have really dug out some serious holes, and it just all looks awful. Plus, there is STILL a garden bed in there that needs tilled out... Oy!

I can't wait for you to see what I have in store next. I'll be posting a new tutorial on making your own patio umbrella stands! Woot!

How is your garden cleanup coming? Anyone else taking out beds and replacing them?


  1. Perfect timing on that tutorial~ I was just contemplating how to put a patio umbrella on my deck! I skimmed some mulch off the garlic and strawberry beds to let some sun in. Everything is behind this spring, since winter refused to relinquish it's death-grip until just recently.

    1. I will post the tutorial tonight. I want to make sure they are set enough to hold an umbrella for a picture.

      My garlic is finally poking through it's straw much from winter... I think it is ALMOST safe to say winter is over... ALMOST!