Cleaning Out the Larder

I just got done cleaning and organizing the freezers for this upcoming garden season. I must say, I am pretty proud of myself! I have used up nearly everything!

I had 2.5 gallon bags of tomatoes still in the freezer, but tonight, those are becoming roasted tomato sauce. Yum! There are 2 bags of kale left, I will use those this weekend. There is a bag of peppers left still from TWO summers ago, so those will get defrosted and tossed to the chickens. If they don't eat them, at least they will be compost. Same goes for a 2 year old bag of swiss chard.

After all that, there are 2 bags of basil that need to be used... I think I will let them stay frozen and use in my sauces this summer, and any fresh basil we get this year will be eaten fresh or become pesto. There are STILL 2 gallon bags of tamales I made with my sister last summer... Those get eaten as is, but we are so slow on them. Maybe they will have to be handed out to the neighbors.

We picked up our year's supply of beef (flexitarian and healthy eater here!) so the meat freezer is totally stocked. I still have a few cuts left from last year's beef, so I think I need to have a little party and get people to clean up for me.

The only things left in the pantry are several jars of jam (blackberry and sour cherry) that need to be used up... The blackberry is kind of gross - I left the seeds in (BIG mistake) and I did not add enough sugar for how sour the berries were. Eventually I need to recook it and turn it into freezer jam. I have NO ideas for the sour cherry preserves. They are not sweet enough for me to put on toast, but I don't really know what else to do with them! Help!

I have a box full of stuff that needs to go to the food pantry (donations) that we will ever eat. Canned tuna, cream of "whatever" soup, and some odds and ends. Just gotta get on that.

How about y'all? Are your larders ready to be cleaned and restocked for the year?


  1. Good reminder- I need to clean out my freezer. How about making a sour cherry cobbler and mix with some other fruit, like apples or???

  2. sour cherry jam on vanilla ice cream... yum!

  3. Sour cherry jam on top of vanilla ice cream. Yum!