FINALLY Got Some Gardening In

Yesterday, the weather let up long enough for me to get out in the Yarden and get my peas planted. I knew I had to get 'er done, or I would planting would be delayed another week. It rained all last night, will snow tomorrow, and I did NOT want to be tilling a mud pit. So it was quite a process. The peas went into a bed that has constant issues, for whatever unknown reason.... The dirt in this bed is always like, 6 inches lower than the rest of the beds, has a ton of rocks, and has weeds galore. So here is how it went down:
First, I had to till this bed... The dirt is SUPER hard and compact, and full of rocks. It was soooo much freakin fun. 

Then I took apart this broken bed to till out the dirt and fill in my crappy bed... Also a ton of fun... It was still partially frozen. This bed is going for a few good reasons... First, the wood is all split. Second, the chickens will have a new home in the back of the yard next summer, so I need to start getting it cleaned up back there. The compost will also be going away this summer... I am no good at it, and everything that would go into the compost goes to the chickens anyway, so two birds with one stone so to say. 
Here is the bed all filled in and planted. In addition to more soil, each half of the bed got a bag of sand tilled in. Oh yeah, that stuff was partially frozen also. 

Here is the broken bed SUPER broken. I will till out the rest of this dirt to fill in other beds, flower pots, and my cucumber planters (which I have yet to build.)

ALSO! I got some seeds sown in trays. The tray in the upper part of the picture has 18 kales and 18 petunias. I wrapped them in plastic wrap to try and keep in lots of moisture and heat to get them sprouted. I have no idea if that will help or not. I have never been successful at growing flowers from seed, but I would really like to try because they get expensive! The lower tray contains my eggplant, brussel sprouts, and various kinds of peppers. I am also really going to concentrate some energy into pepper production this year. Last year was a TOTAL FAIL when it came down to my peppers... So we have been without our favorite BBQ sauce for over a year, and we are running low on hot sauce.

All I have left to do for now is to get my seed shelf wrapped in plastic, hang the lights, and get everything plugged in and running. Shouldn't take too long, I just need an extra set of hands!


Let the Planting Countdown Begin!

Ok, I've had enough of my negative-about-the-weather self, so lets look on the bright side! The sun is shining today, even though it will only be a high of about 10. But that's OK!

In exactly 14 days, the peas are going in the ground! Woooo!!! And 1 week after that, most of my veggies will get started on the shelf! Woo!!

Finally, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel! Do any of you guys have a countdown going? Or are you even lucky enough to have started planting already?

**PS** If anyone requested seeds from my stock, other than Carolyn whose address I already have, please email me your address so I can get the seeds out to you ~~> mytinygarden@gmail.com