Still Cold, Still Whining About It

Yep. Its still cold. And we are all still whining about it. What is it about complaining that makes us feel better? Ok, maybe it doesn't make you better, but it sure does me.

Lately I can imagine myself going outside and yelling at the cold and snow, but I resist because I am sure the neighbors would have me committed. Last week when we had a few days in the 40's we were all jumping with joy at the ability to walk outside and not nearly fall on our rears because of the perpetual ice. Man, that was AWESOME!

Today, we are back in the single digits to maybe teens, the chickens are shut in again until at least tomorrow, and the dog is giving me the "You want me to seriously go outside? Are you insane?" look every time I grab the leash.

It is supposed to get up to the mid 30's on Saturday, so I will be outside cleaning the coop and making the girls nice and comfy for the next round of awfulness, due in on Sunday morning with many inches of snow and unrelenting cold.

Keep warm people. Good luck. 


  1. Me too. I've had enough of this crap. I've no one to whine to, though. So I blog about it. LOL Hang in there.

  2. I feel your pain! I'm in IL so the weather is similar. Last week I actually broke out a t-shirt on one of those 40* days. Now the polar vortex is rearing its ugly head yet again. Spring can hurry itself up!

  3. Yeah, I know we all complain about wanting winter to just DIE, but you'd figure at the end of February & beginning of March we'd have SOME good weather. This Polar Bear Rolex thing is getting damned old.

  4. What is it they say - Misery loves Company? Well, you have a lot of company, kiddo. I have gone through over 90 lbs of birdseed so far and it looks as though I'll have to buy another bag. This frigid crap is relentless! I'm trying to imagine what spring will be like...I vaguely remember the last one.

  5. So tired of the snow! We're in single digits today and it's supposed to snow 12 inches on Sunday night. Still cold and still wining with you!