Seed Swap

Is any one out there interested in doing a seed swap?? I am interested in getting my hands on some interesting herbs and anything that isn't listed below. If you have good stuff, put it in the comments or shoot me an email at    mytinygarden at gmail dot com

I received my order from Baker Creek and realized that, woah, I have a crap ton of seeds. My pride and joy, though, will be the 1/2 pound of Oregon Sugar Snap Peas. I am going to plant every Single ONE because snap peas are my absolute favorite vegetable on the ENTIRE planet! Happy Day!

Here is a list of stuff I can spare and split up:
      *Special Note* Some of these seeds may be a couple years old, so I make no guarantees. Nearly all my seeds come from Baker Creek, so you can look up descriptions there.
- red seeded asparagus
- chinese long bean

- early purple sprouting
- calabrese

- brunswick
-perfection drumhead savoy

- listada di gandia (I already have some ready to send you Carolyn)

- alisa craig
- noordhollandse bloedrode
- yellow of parma

- Craigs Grande jalepeno
- cayenne, long thin
- sweet king of the north
- poblano

- black cherry
- chadwick cherry
- riesentraube cherry
- dr wyche's yellow
- cherokee purple
- marglobe supreme
- comstock slice and sauce
- amish paste


  1. Ooo! I totally forgot about the eggplant! I'd like a FEW amish paste and a FEW yellow tomatoes, please! Let me know what you want from me, check on the Seed Swap on my blog & let me know! I still owe a couple of people seeds that I never sent out yet & lost my darned emails from them so I will be asking again on my blog...thanks for the reminder!

    1. I will get your envelope together and get it in the mail by Tuesday :)

  2. I would love to swap if you have any interest in the following: Summer Savory Herb, Blacktail Mountain Watermelon, Connecticut Field Pumpkin and Isis Candy Shop Tomato (all new- just purchased from Hudson Valley Seed Library). I also have extra of Christmas Melon and MN Midget Melon seeds (I saved them last year from melons I grew), Giant Aconagua Pepper and Violet (it's pretty dark purple) Mini Bell Pepper (I don't think this is the true name- I ordered seeds from Baker Creek for red King of the North peppers but two plants were these pretty baby purple sweet peppers- I saved the seeds). I also have leftover from last year fennel, Purple Top Turnips and Golden Globe Turnips.

    I am interested in any and all tomatoes (I just finished my spreadsheet (garden geek here) and realized I have very few), eggplant and purple broccoli.

    Let me know if you (or any of your readers) have an interest in what listed. Last year I swapped seeds with a fellow blogger and it was the best way to get a few seeds and not have to buy a whole pack.

    That said...I plan to put in my order to Baker Creek and Hudson Valley at the end of next week. Too make options!

    KK @ www.preppypinkcrocodile.com
    pinkcrocodiledesigns @ hotmail . com

    1. I think I may have an interest in the Giant Aconagua Pepper. Is it a hot pepper? Shoot me an email with your address and I will get an envelope in the mail by Tuesday.


  3. I am definitely interested in some poblano, Amish paste and comstock slice and paste. I have a separate page of seeds on my blog - see if there are any that you are interested in and we can swap!

    1. Shoot me over an email with your address and I will get an envelope out to you. mytinygarden@gmail.com