Its Gonna be a Cold One

I've been stalking the weather, as a lot of people have been lately. After getting about 7 inches of snow, today was beautiful and sunny, and tomorrow is going to be warm (34) and snowy and rainy. THEN on Monday, we will have a high of 5 and low of -5 (YIKES) and TUESDAY will bring a high of 2 and low of -15... (BIGGER YIKES)

I am slightly worried about the chickens.... With the super cold and snow, they didn't even come out of the coop for 4 days. Today they ventured out into their covered run (snow shoveled and a layer of fresh hay) to stretch their legs and peek at the sun. Tomorrow, I'm sure they will be brave again, but on Monday and Tuesday, I think I am going to leave them cooped up (pun intended.) I don't want the frigid wind to freeze their beaks off!!!

I think on Sunday night, I will have to leave the coop door closed for 2 days as well as lubing up their combs with petroleum jelly to prevent frostbite. Maybe I will do the jelly on Sunday night so they are all ready to sit it out...

I know some of you other bloggers are farther north than me, how are you prepping your chickens? Is everyone ready to bunk out for a few days?

OH I went out today to do my regular errands and shopping... It was TOTALLY FRIGGING INSANE. I think everyone out there is going into French Toast Emergency panic mode! Grab your white bread, eggs, and milk! Has anyone else noticed the world going insane around them???


  1. It's been cold here, has moderated a bit. Teens/low 20's at night, 30 today I think. Do you use any kind of heating in your coop? We used to use a red heat lamp, but I switched to a ceramic reptile heating disc, 150 watts. Safe and they last forever. We just run an outdoor extension cord out for the winter. I add lots of extra bedding, and the deep litter method helps. It actually generates some heat. Have you tried adding some heat?

    1. Oh yes, my girls have a heat lamp. It is a white light, so it is only on during the day. They also have a bunch of bedding to snuggle in if they want. I will be for sure adding more tomorrow before the frigid air comes.

      Question about your heating disc... Where in the heck did you get that? Does it emit light? How does it work? (Guess I should google this, eh?)

    2. Ceramic Reptile Heating Disk = Brilliant! Thank you so much for mentioning this. Much safer and no light emitted at night. I am going to shopping right now.

  2. It's a good thing I don't have chickens. I'd probably have them roosting inside on the fireplace mantle!

    Stay warm, and happy 2014!

  3. Our town is in F.T.E. Mode too. Today I cleaned out all stalls and put lots of extra bedding in the goat stalls and chicken coops, and even let the mule & mini-horse have access to part of the barn. Not that they'll use it. Buggers. I've never put jelly on the birds, but I don't think the temps get cold enough to do any damage. Or I'm just a horrible chicken-mommy.

  4. We are in Maine where temperatures have been really cold at night. This is my first winter with chickens. I struggled with what people said you "should do" when it comes to adding heat to your coop and finally decided to do what I felt was right, add a heat lamp.

    I am sure a well insulated and draft free coop with the proper ventilation is a nice and comfortable situation for a flock. However, my coop isn't insulated and pretty much failed as is and one of my girls got a little frost bite on her comb. Now I am using a heat lamp and everyone is more comfortable (including me). When temps dropped to -18ºF the coop stayed at 9ºF. The girls are even laying more. I did leave them cooped up for a few days during the snowstorm. With wind chill the temperatures were well in to the negatives during the day.

    Do what you feel it right for your ladies. If you do add heat just take precautions to prevent harm and coop fires.