I'm Pretty Sure the Chickens are Hating Life

Well, it is cold. Again. I mean, I know it is winter, but COME ON! When it finally gets to around our "normal" temps of 20's-30's we are going to feel like it is summer! These temps of like, 6, are really starting to get to me. Walking the dog makes my eyeballs freeze up for crying out loud. If you live in a colder climate than mine, then you deserve a freaking medal!

The chickens will be shut in yet again until Friday (its supposed to be 20!), at which time they can be out without me freaking about the potential for frostbite. And then they will be shut in again because it is supposed to go back down into the single digits for days on end.

Truth be told, I don't count on the weather forecast more than 2 or 3 days out, but I am planning ahead. Friday I will shoo the girls out of the coop and clean it all out and put down a nice deep layer of fresh bedding (shavings AND hay next time around) and make sure they are all set to be bedded down again.

I am sure that my mother is doing her happy dance because I am putting our new sheets on our bed (Christmas gift from said mother). The sheets are literally made of fleece. FLEECE sheets. We have slept on them at her house and HATED them because in my mother's house, the temp NEVER goes below 70. In our house, the temp never goes ABOVE 70. And when we are sleeping, it never goes above 61. The problem is that when you are sleeping in fleece and it is hot in the house, you sweat. And when you sweat in fleece, you don't dry off. However, when your house is an igloo (like mine) the sheets are actually quite PERFECT! So I am sure that my mother is doing her "I told you you would love them! I told you so!" happy dance. So thanks Mom, thanks for the awesome sheets.

Now, if only I could wrap the chickens up in fleece and make them warmer. 


  1. I don't think I've ever seen fleece sheets. I have flannel--is that close.? lol

    I'm sick of this too--our temps are a lot like yours, but it's been single digits and ice and snow and oh--I'm so done with it all. lol

    1. Yeah, fleece. Weird I know, but they are super soft and warm, and as you know it is flippin freezin!

  2. It's been foggy here, and a high of 28. It's damp so it feels colder. We use flannel sheets which I LOVE, and a big thick comforter. We keep it about 62 at night. I just want some sun!

  3. Oooo! Fleece.....I could do that.

  4. I am thinking right about now.... you are cuddled in those horrible, super soft, warm sheets...... and yes... I am smiling as i leave this note..... love you pea pod...