Winter Break Project #1

I have several things on my mind that I want to accomplish over my winter break. Mostly, I want to remove clutter from the house. We have too much stuff. Last week, I removed half of my kitchen gadgets from my drawers and counter tops, put them all in a box, and put the box in the basement. I figure if I can live a month without needing them, then into the garage sale pile they go!

Next thing thing was to move the microwave. It is a big black ugly thing that sits on top of the fridge. We have all white appliances by the way... That and I had a really REALLY hard time using it because I am short, and it was up high, and I spilled soup on WAY too many occasions. 

I wanted the microwave to go into my pantry, but uh, there are no plugs in there. However, the pantry is ion a wall that is the storage room, and there so happens to be a plug in exactly the right spot SO I busted out my drill, the 1 inch drill bit, and went to town. My holes were a little off in alignment, but I made it work. The storage room has a little hole now with a cord going through it, but whatever. That room is NOT for show. This is how it came out!
Clean and clutter free! That makes a happy me!

Yes, the pantry is still really clogged up and crowded, especially now that I lost a whole shelf to the microwave, but I am STILL on a mission to clean it out by eating what we have. It's all good though, because now I can reach the darn thing, AND keep it clean :)

By the way, How is everyone Clean Out The Pantry Challenge going??


  1. Great idea with the microwave in the pantry. I HATE mine on the countertop, but that's the only place i have to put it. We had an over the stove microwave/vent thingy, but my pressure canned wouldn't fit under it so it had to GO!
    I'm jealous of your clutter-free kitchen. Maybe I should do some clutter-cleaning since I'm pretty much stuck inside for the next few days.

    1. We don't even have a vent over the stove since our kitchen is so open.... And I only showed one part of the kitchen... The rest of it is chock full of crap right now since I am on a cleaning binge. It never seems to end!

  2. Nothing like being trapped in the house to get the de-clutter bug working. I decided to rearrange the pantry room and discovered a case of home canned corn. Guess I will be adding a lot of corn to the menu over the next couple of months...good news is that I also discovered my tomatillo salsa! Ole! I ditched my micro and reclaimed my counter. It's been exhilarating and a challenge.