Tiny Gardener 2013, A Year in Review

I was watching the news this morning, and this being the last day of 2013, they were of course going over everything that happened this past year. I thought I might do the same!

January - Not too much happened in the Yarden, but it was cold, and we hosted a foreign exchange student for a few months.

February - About the same as January

March - I met Joel Salatin!!! And we got our first double yolk egg! We had 3 devastating losses in our families, so in a little memoriam, We love and miss you G, Phyllis, and Bob!!!

April - The chickens got fenced in and we were able to regrow grass and walk through the Yarden cleanly

May - The first signs of life were really up and running in the yarden, but nothing truly epic.

June - I got my first real harvest from our cherry tree, and we took down the old chicken fence and made a nice patio

July - I got Husband to like beets!!!! And after something like, 30 or 40 days of really below average temps and many inches of rain, we got record highs and dries and the Yarden went into shock

August - I really started to learn how to use my camera (which subsequently resulted in less pictures on the blog?), we had an outdoor cat and then he disappeared, and I made an epic zucchini bread (recipe can be found in my recipes tab at the top of the blog) I also got my rototiller as a birthday gift, so Yarden was much easier to till up :)

September - My school semester really took off and the blog took a back seat, as well as the Yarden

October - Even less eventful than September

November - What the heck??? NO pictures on the blog at all?? Whats up with that?! Oh yeah, and the Pantry Cleanout Challenge began...

December - The semester ended, the Pantry Cleanout Challenge continued (and still does) and I started purging my kitchen of unneeded stuff, one drawer at a time... Again, barely any pictures...

All in all, not an epic year, but not a bad one either. I am not a resolution type person, but more of a goal person... Here are my goals for 2014:
~Build a nice living wall for the patio
~Build a hoop house type thing to grow our kale through the winter
~Clean and somewhat maintain the garage
~Get flowers sown and sprouted for the patio so I don't have to buy them!!!
~Keep better records of harvest yield
~Really keep up with the harvest in terms of preservation... This was an epic fail this year and we had a lot of waste.
~Get down to the farm more often to keep up with it. (After the cold temps and a month of rain, it was so overgrown it was nearly a total failure... Sigh...)

Happy New Year Everyone!!!