Planning for the 2014 Yarden

It so so dang cold today! This morning it was a whopping -5 degrees (With the wind chill factor, actual 10 degrees) and has risen to -1 (real 12). What better to do than stay inside, clean the house, and plan out the yarden for 2014?!

I got my annual delivery of garden porn, aka seed catalogs, and have been pouring through them. I am actually pretty good on the seed front, but there are things I will need like cucumbers, peas, eggplant, beans, and maybe some root veg.

I am really going to try to maximize my space next year by creating a living wall for the cucumbers, and should look something like this....
I am thinking the potting area will be 2 ft deep, 2 ft tall, and 8 feet wide. I have to measure the driveway where I plan to place it, but I think 8 ft will be sufficient. The trellis will be 4 ft tall since that is how it comes in rolls, and I have plenty of it. I plan on filling it with dirt from the chicken run so it will be plenty rich in nutrients from composted chicken poo. This whole thing will go across the driveway to create a living wall for privacy for our "patio" area. 

What I REALLY want to do for the living wall, maybe summer 2015 is to plant columnar apple trees in VERY large pots for the living wall. But so far, I haven't been able to find anyone local that has columnar fruit trees and I haven't found a place online to order from that I feel I will be satisfied with. Any help here will be greatly appreciated!! 

I also plan on putting my zucchini in pots next year. Really big ones of course. I hope this will save space for stuff that I value more, as well as preventing rot from the leaves and fruit sitting on the ground. I have never done this, so I guess we will see how it turns out. Even if we only get a few zucchini out of it, that will be satisfactory since usually come August, we are putting the extras in unlocked cars around the neighborhood to try and get rid of them. 

Is anyone out there already planning their gardens for next year???


  1. I got my Baker Creek catalog today!! Have you looked into espalier? Look it up online!

    1. I have seen those espalier fence things... I don't know if I have to patience to train and trim a tree like that. Not to mention that those have to be in the ground along a fence line, and that would involve jackhammering and removing part of he driveway... I don't think Hubby would be too pleased with me!

  2. Just placed my Baker Creek order. I made a "fence" out of chicken wire for our cuc's. They love growing up. I use it for the peas first, then pull them and plant the cuc's. I've heard that winter squash like to grow vertical too but haven't tried it yet.

    I've got 3 apples and 1 peach. The trees can be trimmed to stay quite small if you want. I've seen the apples growing flat against a wall. Haven't dine it myself yet tho