Christmas Loot

I think everyone in my family made out like a bandit this year!! Husband got sweaters, gift cards, coffee to go cups, and other various little things he loves. My mom (as always) was treated to a fancy new kitchen appliance and also got the snow plow for her lawn tractor and little baubles and ornaments from the grandkids. The kids of the family all got clothes from us and TONS of toys from their Gramma. We also had the treat of having our family friend Michael in from Pennsylvania to spend the holiday with us. He was truly not expecting any presents, so it was awesome to give him lots of goodies. My sister got lots of new clothes for her shrinking frame, and some awesome horse books from me.

Now for ME! I totally couldn't have planned it out better. I got a new seed shelf and 2 additional lights for Spring sowing, a squishy floor mat for in front of my stove, lots of pretty scarves, AND A DEHYDRATOR!!!!

This is where I need some help... The only thing I know to do with one of these things is fruit leather, jerky, dried apple and orange slices, and various dried fruit. Is there something more inventive I can do with it? I mean, is there something awesome I can do with dried food other than dried fruit snacks???

I hope everyone had a great holiday with friends and family and ate lots of good food!! I know I sure did!


  1. Just go look at what The canned Quilter does at Hickory Holler Farm! I'd love a dehydrator just for potatoes, onions, tomatoes and peppers. She does lots more...


  2. I've been told that you can dehydrate sweet potatoes and use them for sanckie sticks for dogs.

  3. Ash--I use my dehydrator for lots of things--carrots, onions, tomatoes, okra, corn, --all great to throw in soup. I dry all the fruits too00and use them in granola and granola bars. I am getting ready to dehydrate some of my sweet potatoes because we had such a big year for them...as well as some red potatoes and onions.