Yay Me! And a NO SPEND December

First off, I hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving!!!! Ours was pretty good, except my dressing/stuffing (whichever you prefer to call it) turned into bread soup and I forgot to put out the cranberry sauce.

Ok, call me crazy, but I am having a SUPER RIDICULOUS PROUD AWESOME day!

I have, in one single day (HUGE thanks to my Momma), done all of the following:

~Cleaned up Thanksgiving dishes and put everything away
~Put away all fall decorations
~Assembled and decorated my Christmas tree AND put out all my decorations
~Shopped til I dropped and got EVERYTHING I needed to get with the exception of two people who have yet to tell me what they want or need
~Wrapped all the presents and stuck them under the tree
~Ate Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner
~Played a variety of Christmas movies and music, and watched a little of them too :)

So here is what I still have to do:
~Make turkey stock
~vacuum up all the glitter and tree needles

Yeah, I think I'm a little nuts. And I know you probably do to, and that is ok. As long as no one is in denial! As for my no spend December, considering I have all nearly all my Christmas shopping done, I think I will be able to pull it off. Here are the things I KNOW I will have to spend money on, and here is my alloted budget:
$500 SHOULD cover everything I need to get for the month of December and I do NOT want to spend more than that.
~Stocking stuffers for Hubby ($40)
~Two presents for family gift exchange ($150)
~a few holiday bags ($10)
~Fresh fruits and veg ($40 per week)
~A few toiletries from Target ($20)
~ Dog food ($20 I think....)
~ Stuff to make my designated Christmas Day treats ($50)

Everything up there should leave me with $50 for stuff I haven't thought of.... The 40/week of fresh fruit and veg should also leave room in case we need some milk or something, other than that, I am still on my cleaning out the pantry binge, so I am trying not to buy any groceries as long as I possibly can.

So how is everyone doing on their pantry clean out?!?!

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