Cleaning Out the Pantry, Week 2

We've been doing pretty good on eating out of the pantry. I did do all of my Thanksgiving shopping this past weekend, except my turkey which is coming fresh on Wednesday; there was just no way I was going to be able to feed 15 people a complete and traditional holiday meal out of the pantry, so shop I did. I am actually really proud - sans turkey, I spent $90 for everything I needed and got mostly all organic local ingredients. Last year we went out for Thanksgiving, and spent $50 per person (and let me just say what a ginormous disappointment that was).

But here goes the meal plan for this week:

Monday - Leftovers or freezer food (gonna be a late night)
Tuesday - Leftovers or freezer food (another late night)
Wednesday - Going out for Mommy's birthday unless I come up with something brilliant (Maybe some delicious thing with farro or bulgur (Got any good recipes?????)
Thursday - Thanksgiving!!!!
Friday - Thanksgiving leftovers (There is nothing better than leftovers!)
Saturday - Thanksgiving leftovers reinvented (most likely turkey and cranberry paninis with greens and potato soup)

We are heavy on the leftovers this week... We do have some split pea soup left and some good crusty bread. We also have some good freezer food, burritos and pierogis, that are easy and quick to heat up.


  1. I've stuck with my meal plan so far, but my freezers don't look any emptier...because there was a sale on lean ground beef so I bought 12 pounds! I really didn't have to do much shopping for Thursday, just turkey, cranberries, apples and some ice cream for the grandchildren. Everything else I have on hand or the kids are bringing. I'm rather proud of myself for using up so much frozen stuff this week!

    1. That is awesome Granny! Keep up the good work! I wish I didn't have to go shopping for the holiday, but sadly I did.

      Our freezers are not looking mu different yet either... I have only really pulled out a beef roast, some frozen enchiladas, and some frozen burritos... A lot of my frozen corn will get used up on Thursday, and the rest of my stock (even though I will be making A LOT more stock with my turkey carcass). I think I really need to work on our meat freezer, but we just don't eat beef like crazy, so its a slow process.