Cleaning out the Pantry, A Look at Week 1

Ok, so here goes my planned recipes for this week up Through Friday

Today - It's football day, so we will be out all day eating pizza :)

Monday - Balsamic Pot Roast w/Onions in the slow cooker (freezer)
               - Green Beans (freezer)
               - Brown Rice (pantry)

Tuesday - Will be home late, Leftovers

Wednesday - Another late night, leftovers or chicken chili (fridge and freezer)

Thursday - White beans in the slow cooker (pantry)
                - Sauteed kale and corn (garden and freezer)
                - Brown Rice (pantry)

Friday - Split pea soup with Canadian bacon and bread (pantry and freezer)

**Note to self** Although I am aiming to rid myself of my freezer and pantry items, I need to buy onions and carrots to make a veggie stock. I am feeling a lot of soups and stews in our future, and I have to have stock. Not to mention, Thanksgiving is coming, and I will NOT be buying stock from the store. Gross!


  1. I've stuck to my first two days of menus, and also composted a bag of old store bought frozen corn and cooked up another bag of 2012 green beans for the dogs. I came across two bags of rhubarb, so I think I'll bake a pie tomorrow. So far so good! Damn, I have a lot of bread items to use up (tortillas, bread, buns, sandwich thins, etc.) I do chicken in the crockpot for the dogs, and freeze the broth from it for our soups and stews. I think chicken and noodles will be on next week's menu...or chicken and dumplings.

    1. Lookin good Granny! I too have a bunch of bread products, but stuff I can use quickly like tortillas. Those are super easy because I could eat breakfast tacos and burritos until the cows come home. Yum! Just eggs, salsa, cheese wrapped in a tortilla.

    2. I'm using most of my tortillas up making quesadillas for my lunch, with smashed up spicy bean burgers (freezer) and pepperjack cheese. I'll try to use up a few sandwich thins for breakfast sandwiches (scrambled egg and freezer diced peppers), and mini-pizzas for lunch (freezer sauce and peppers, moz. cheese). I just found an old pkg. of frozen broccoli and a cup of frozen mashed potatoes, so I have cream of broccoli soup simmering now for tomorrow's lunch. Yippee, I'm seeing a bit of empty space in the fridge freezer!

  2. love your plan.... thnxxx for posting meal plans...