It was COLD this morning...


I have no idea why, but I am super psyched to have it get cold. Cold, snow, hot tea (or chocolate!), soups, casseroles, fires, twinkly lights, sweaters, boots, snugly animals, big blankets... OMG!!!

We got the pellets for the stove yesterday, and even though it is a huge pain in the butt (I mean, who really wants to haul 80, 40lb bags of pellets down tp their basement for fun?) I am happy it is done. We even had a fire last night and this morning. Woo!!!

Is anyone else getting pumped for cold weather????


Just Checking In

I haven't posted in nearly ONE MONTH... WTF is up with that?!?! Oh yeah, I can tell you... I am busy as heck! The garden is getting shut down for fall, we harvested the winter squash from the farm, and I promise you, I will get caught up on reading and blogging. Just wait for December when I am on break. And the spring semester is going to be cake, so I will blog a bunch then. But until then, thanks for hanging in there!

But for now, here is a little sample of what I've been doing. This is a picture of the moon I took tonight through my telescope. It's pretty sweet, and I intend on getting an "A" for my environmental science project. Yeah, I know, I'm awesome.