Harvest Monday

Holy harvest totals Batman!

So last week my fall classes started, and I am BUSY! I admit though, I have been really slackin off in blog land. Especially when it comes to Harvest Monday. Again, I slacked off on taking pictures for you over the last few weeks, but you all know what vegetables look like... So here is what we have gotten since the last Harvest Monday I participated in...

Beans: 21 oz
Beets: 3 lb 8 oz
Basil: 3 lb 4 oz
Cucumbers: 1 lb 12 oz
Eggplant: 6 lb 12 oz
Kale: 1 lb 10 oz
Peppers: 3 oz
Tomatoes: 55 lb
Zucchini: 8 lb 5 oz

We also got in the big garlic clean up this week, and it amounted to.... 10 pounds 5 ounces!
We divided it up into 2 categories, plant this year and eat this year. We have 3.5 pounds dedicated to planting, and the rest for eating. I can't remember how much we replanted last year, and I don't think I recorded it, but it was exactly enough to get us through to the harvest this year. Dang, I wish I could remember!
You can really tell the size difference between the eating ones and planting ones. We ONLY plant the biggest and best garlic for next year.
 Annual total:  123 pounds 4 ounces !!!!!!!!!!!


  1. That's a lot of garlic! I figure I use about a pound a year, and grab the shaker of garlic powder the rest of the time. I hate peeling and chopping garlic, so I take the easy way out :-)

  2. Wow, that's a LOTTA garlic!! I GOT to get mine planted....like now!
    Good work.
    Oh, we need updates on Opie!

  3. Awesome garlic! I still need to sort through mine to set aside the largest to plant.

  4. Great garlic harvest! For a small space, you sure are making the most of it!