Laundry Soap Sagas

I thought it would be a really awesome thing to try homemade powdered laundry soap because I saw it on, where else? Pinterest!

In all honesty, the lady who made the blog post did a great job and made me think that I would really prefer her powder soap over my own liquid soap.  Basically her recipe called for the same ingredients as my soap, but instead of melting everything in water, you just grind it all up in a food processor until it is super fine.

The problem? I wash every thing in cold water to save energy, money, the environment, etc. The powder soap doesn't dissolve in the cold water and doesn't effectively clean the clothes. I hung our laundry out to dry, and I could still smell the sweat and deodorant in Husband's shirts. It was kinda gross and super annoying that I had to waste time and energy rewashing the clothes.

Not only did the powder not do a good job, it also doesn't last as long... I went through half a batch before I gave up, and that was only about a week. My liquid batch lasts me over 3 months.

So here I am, making laundry soap. Liquid laundry soap. Is it kind of a pain? You bet. Is it worth it? You bet.


  1. I've gone both ways and finally decided to just buy a really good, environmentally sound detergent. Since it's just me, I don't use much and having to store all that liquid didn't work for me. I now use a powdered detergent that works wonderfully - uses very little and works great in cold water! But you go, girl!

  2. Do you make your dish soap too?