Sometimes, All You Have to Do is Open Your Mouth

Complaining about my Neighbor should be nothing new to those of you who read regularly. And up until yesterday, I'd kept my mouth shut to the Neighbor.

Until Yesterday....

Yesterday, I was out in the Yarden pulling weeds, and noticed that I was pulling an awful lot of crap from the other side of the fence. Vines and ivy were growing from the fence onto my tomatoes, my basil, my garlic, and my eggplant. I pulled it off and swore all the while. Then I started pulling weeds from the ground growing through the fence. And I swore more.

I took Chelsea inside and marched my fired up butt next door to wake the neighbor out of his hangover sleep. As I was knocking forcefully on the door and ringing the bell (with other neighbors watching and waiting, mind you) some dude pulled up to the house and asked me if I was the angry girl from the bar. Uh, no, I am the angry girl who lives next door.

He continued on to say, Oh, I see... I live just over on the other street, and I know Neighbor and you won't be able to wake him right now. I said, do you know Neighbor?? Can you call him?? He said he would call him... I then went on a rant about how ridiculous it is that everyone on this street takes care of their yard for the most part, and he can't even pull weeds. Everyone tries to make the street nice especially for The Old Italian Lady who has lived here for 70 years and especially since there is a festival parade through the neighborhood tomorrow. Its ridiculous that I have to clean up the crap growing from his yard into my garden AND the dude's (behind me) crap growing into my garden IT ISN"T FAIR!!!! I shouted in this nice guy's face. Then I immediately apologized for yelling at him since he obviously does not live next to me. 

He promised to talk to Neighbor about his yard. I walked away thanking him for being so nice and apologizing for unloading on him when it should have been Neighbor who got my wrath.

I went on about my day, thinking that nothing would actually happen. Then it came to be about 5 pm and Hubby and I left to go to a friend's cookout. I told him all about my day and how I didn't think anything would come of it.

Then we got home. We took the dog out... And HOLY CRAP!!! THE YARD IS CLEAN!!! I mean SO freaking clean that almost every plant is gone, even the ones that could have stayed. So now it is a weedless, grass-less patch of dirt that looks FABULOUS!!!!!!

So sometimes, all you need to do is open your mouth.


  1. Didn't work for me. I told the neighbor he had big (6') walnut trees growing out of the hedge that really needed to come out. He just ignored it, and I reached over and cut them back as far as I could, but now they are all 6' high again. There are all kinds of trees growing in that hedge, and someday they will be putting out branches that will be damaging to our house. I am very tempted to spray the whole damned thing with Roundup. I wanted to hoist the weedeater over the fence to cut down the crabgrass, milkweed and other weeds that are now higher then the 4' fence, but my husband won't let me, he says it's illegal and I can't cook for him if I'm in jail.

    1. It really does suck having dead-beat neighbors. The guy behind me, I battle his tree-weed every week, cutting back as much as I can. It used to be just a weed, but now it is over the electrical wires in only 3 years. Unfortunately, I don't have the kahunas to yell at him yet.

  2. wowza..... wowza..... awesome!