Jam-akin Me Crazy!

Hahaha, get it?! Oh, I kill me!

I can't help it that my jokes suck, I have been too busy making jam to come up with some good ones. In the last few weeks, I have made 8 pints of strawberry jam, 9 half-pints of sour cherry preserves, and this weekend I made 4 pints of apple preserves.

The apple preserves were a kind of, by the seat of my pants kind of thing. I had gotten a huge amount of organic apples several weeks ago (maybe a month?) and we never got through them all. So, I pushed em through my juicer and made jelly-jam. What came out of the juicer was like a really liquidy apple sauce stuff, and I don't have any jelly bags (nor the patience for them), so all of it went into the pot.

I debated putting cinnamon into the preserves, but I decided against it. If I want cinnamon on my biscuits and jam, then I can put it on there, but I can't take it out.

So anyways, I think we are set on jam for a long, LONG time. We have a grand total of 16.5 pints of jam in the pantry and about 4 pints of all sorts in the fridge. And my neighbor is going to let me come over and steal grapes from his vines, so I'm thinking that will be another 4-5 pints.

Jam-akin me crazy!


  1. I thought it was a great joke! I know what you mean about enough jam already - I am still working through jam made three years ago. And I can't even eat bread anymore. However, I do make wild grape jelly every year because I just HAVE to.

  2. Yay for good, homemade jelly/jam! Sometimes I cant even fathom that people actually BUY jam. I just today made four pints of peach jam from overripe peaches from my mom's tree.

    Now all I need to grow are some peanuts!

  3. I may just have to borrow that line.....

  4. Good for you! I made some apple sauce then turned into into apple butter. OMG, it was SO GOOD! It's easy in a crock pot...