Harvest Monday

Woah, I need to catch up on my harvest totals! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures, but I am sure you can imagine what kale and beans look like :)

This past weekend, we caught up on garden work since it FINALLY wasn't so hot you felt like you were literally melting... Weed pulling, pulled the garlic and got it started on drying, pulled out a cabbage that wasn't going to produce, cut grass, harvested, cleaned up the front yarden, you know... Just garden chores. 

Cherries: 4 lb 8 oz
Garlic scapes: 5 lb 2 oz (unfortunately, I slacked off, and most of these ended up going to the chickens) 
Kale: 17 lb 12 oz
Basil: 1 lb
Broccoli: 9 oz (only got 2 actual heads that were really small, just keeping up with side shoots now)
Beans: 1 lb 4 oz
Zucchini: 4 lb 9 oz (These are really starting to come in now, and with 2 LARGE plants, I don't think we will have any shortage of squash. Already made zucchini bread and zucchini risotto)
Beets (including tops): 1 lb

Season Total:  36 lb 8 oz


  1. Wow, you're swimming in cherries!

    1. Oh, I was. It was nuts. I still can't believe my little tree put out that many cherries!

  2. Man, oh, man. That is a LOT of kale! Or is your kale fatter than mine... :)

    1. This has been my best year EVER for kale. I can't even believe it! Not to mention that we have about 15 plants that are producing right now. I will probably start some this weekend to have for fall also :)

  3. 17 pounds of Kale, holy cow!! I hope you really like kale! :)