Yarden Update with Pictures!

Ok, I just snapped these as the wind and rain was starting to blow in. I thought a good thing to do while taking a break from house stuff was to get these pictures! I think I've been talking about it for like, 2 weeks. Oy!

I found that I had taken a few similar pictures of certain areas and I wanted to show you the difference just a few weeks makes. The photos on the left are May 3, pictures on the right are today, June 1. I LOVE finding new toys on programs. I used the collage creator in Picasa. I thought this was pretty cool because I get discouraged by lack of progress, and this helps me to see the progress. LOVE!
1 Month ago.......................   Beautiful Roses!

Kale in the Side Yarden
Garlic Bed in the Back Yarden

Front Yarden!

From flowers....                    To Cherries!
Fire Pit... An awesome hand-me-down gift from my Momma. I brought a bunch of wood home from the farm, but it's too hot now to even think about having a fire. I am sure we will use this thing A LOT come fall!

Pathetic peas (I even sampled a few from these short vines and they were starchy and bitter. This is just NOT the year for peas!) And 2 zuchinni mounds. I am looking forward to having lots of zucchini goodies in the freezer come August, which is usually about the time we are totally sick of them.

Back (top) to front (bottom) 5 marglobe tomatoes, 2 purple cherokees, 3 eggplant, 3 basil.

Back to Front - 2 black cherry tomotoes and 1 sweet 100 type cherry, 10 peppers - jalepenos, hot banana, and cayenne. I am sure I mixed them all up when I planted them.Cucumbers will be growing up the chicken fence on the left.

Beet bed... I used mostly purchased seed tape for the bed, and then sprinkled loose seed on the top left... You can see which sprouted faster... I may do a separate post on this....

Bean Bed. I went with bush varieties this year... We tried pole beans last year and it just didn't go well in our small space. I will keep you all posted on how this goes...

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  1. Lots of goodies in there! And do I see cherry pie in your future?