Non-Edibles in the Yarden

So, I tried to take the best pictures I could of my flowers, but for whatever reason, they just look stupid... But here they are anyways!
flower row... Yeah, there are herbs in here, but mostly flowers

Hanging basket by back door... Don't ask me what these are because I truly have no idea. Yes, I bought and planted them, but that doesn't mean I remember their names!

Hanging basket by chicken window

flowers on top of chicken run

so this is the chicken area... I put the most potted flowers back here because it is the ugliest part of the patio. 2 hanging baskets, 4 potted pots, and 3 potted window boxes... They are all supposed to get long and viney so the area will look more lush (hopefully)

Front Yarden... The hydrangea will be in full bloom just in time for the Garden Walk!!! I am really so proud of the front yard.

The back door... 2 hanging baskets, 1 large potted lavender, and flower row... Just in case you are wondering what the sign on the door says, it is "Please be careful to latch the door completely! Punkin is very Sneaky!"


  1. Stupid? Not at all! I think they look very pretty, and I love the way you've decorated the chicken pen! Your front yard bottle garden is gorgeous this year.

  2. A veritable flower paradise! Even your chickens get the beauty treatment - lucky girls. I tend to plant edibles everywhere, then miss flowers. Maybe next year I'll remember. Your front yarden is just lovely!