Knock On Wood!

I am about to say something, and I don't want to curse myself, but I'm gonna do it anyways.

I think the Bastard Groundhog has moved on.

Ever since the behemoth house behind us was built (where the BG lives(d)) he hasn't been around.... Ok, truthfully, he was still around during construction and all that, but really since they graded the yard and have been landscaping, he hasn't been around. I haven't even found dig sits under the fence, whereas last year he had practically a tunnel running the length of it.

We still have the kale and brassicas fenced off, and they will remain that way. But everything else is flying free, with the exception of the chickens who remain content in chicken prison. They still get all the weeds and grass clippings and kitchen scraps. I think as far as their happiness goes, as long as I keep their maws full, there will be no chicken revolt or egg protests.

I will always keep my eye out for that BG, but so far, nada.

**Our neighbor on the other hand has a vacant lot and caving in garage and other various fun city things behind him, and he has been on a pest-killing rampage again this year. I think he said he is up to 3 possums and 2 groundhogs for the year.