Walk About The Yarden

I figured since my blogging as of late hasn't really been about the garden, and this is after all a blog about gardening, that you deserved to see pictures of my yarden.

Everything is coming along really REALLY well this year. Perhaps my lack of attention to the yarden is what is helping. Anyways, here are the pictures! We are going to go front to back....
Remember what the front yard looked like 2 years ago???

This is now! The yard is really coming to life. The hydrangeas are getting huge, the cherry tree is full of blossoms (I am really hopeful for fruit this year!) and even though they haven't come up quite yet, the hostas are really big too...

My front yarden tulips. I just freaking LOVE this purple color!

Cherry blossoms!

Side yarden... This weekend, this entire thing (the whole length of our house) will be planted with kale and cabbages. No tomatoes here this year, as last year they all ended up with late blight.

Last year I planted 3 blueberry bushes. This is the only one that survived. I am debating putting it in a really big pot and putting another hydrangea in this corner, but I just really don't know. I would like to have more fruit, so I am just undecided on this little corner. It is right by the front steps and is about 4ft x 4 ft. Any thoughts???
I am really liking the shape my rosebush is finally taking on. I don't know squat about roses, so I hack the thing to pieces every year trying to get it to grow wide along the side of the house, and skinny the other way so it doesn't take over the driveway. It is finally starting to listen to me!
We re potted the herbs... The chickens dug of my chives, so those have to be started over, and my 2 rosemary plants died (yet again) so I will have to buy new ones. I also have some more herbs upstairs to go in pots. All in all, we will have 6 smaller pots of herbs and the one larger pot is lavender.
Ok, so you have seen this picture before. I just wanted you to remember the mud pit that was the back yard.....

Because the grass is finally growing in!!! All be it a little patchy, I don't care. I can seed again. But I am just happy that I wont be walking through poop soup every time it rains.

The girls REALLY want to get out of their chicken jail and eat some grass... All in due time my little lovies, all in due time.

The peas are growing really well. We did have better coverage, but uh, chicken escapees dug up and ate about half of them. For as much as I love having chickens, I hate them sometimes too...

The garlic is also growing really great! Only 2 kinds this year, both hardneck varieties... One for sure I know is German Extra Hardy (the darker green) and I forget the other one.... Oh well, they will still taste great!

How is your garden doing this Spring?


  1. Lookin' good! My, that's a lot of garlic :-)

    1. Thanks Granny!

      Yes, we do a lot of garlic... I have to have enough to plant next year, and I am Italian. I put garlic in EVERYTHING, except desserts of course :)

  2. I would leave the blueberry alone if it were me. It might kill it. Just plant some more!

    1. Yeah, I am going to leave it for now... One of the other ones has some leaves on it now, but the third for sure was totally dead.

  3. I have a heck of a time with blueberry bushes, I think in two years we've replaced six of them. Do you need two blueberry & two cherry bushes for pollination purposes?

    1. I think blueberries need to have a second variety, kinda like apples need other varieties in order to pollinate... But I think cherries are self pollinating, which is why we bought that instead of apples. But who the hell knows, that was 2 years ago!