Those Who Dwell in My Basement

This is Charlotte, the cutest schizo cat you will ever see.
A rare shot of her face... I am sure I had the camera on super zoom because there is no way she would let me get this close.
Watching TV
Charlotte is a basement dweller. Well, really, she is a "I will go anywhere you are not" kind of cat. We have had her for 3 years, and she still thinks we are going to kill her.

Anyways, Charlotte is a great hunter. She must get that from Punkin (who only goes in the basement to hide from me when she thinks its time to scare me half to death because I can't find her).

So yeah, this time of year, Charlotte's main choice of hunting subjects is snakes. We have found dead snakes in the basement and in the cat food and in the storage room every spring since we got the little nut. The snakes aren't big, maybe 10-12 inches long, no bigger around than a pencil. The must get in from underneath the front porch (yes, my basement is under my porch) because that area of the basement is not very sealed at all. Yeah, I know, we need to work on that.

I guess my point is, I am thankful that the snakes have no apparent food source (ie little bugs, mice, or other little annoying things) and I am thankful that I have a cat that find pleasure in killing them. I just hope Punkin doesn't catch on, because that will mean bringing me dead snake presents in the middle of the night.


  1. Yay for Basement Kitties!!
    Where did you get her? I want "The Story of Charlotte"!!
    And I LOVE the kitty watching tv pic.
    Oh, and WHY do all cats like to drink out of cups instead of their water dishes?!

    1. Charlotte's story isnt complicated. We got her from a rescue organization when we moved into our house because Punkin was driving me crazy and needed a companion. They told me she was super friendly, a lap kitten, and really lovey. THEY LIED. She let us hold her and snuggle her in the shop, but that must have been out of fear because as soon as we got her home, she showed her true colors.

      Needless to say, we haven't pet her in about 2 years...

      At least Outside Kitty lets you pet him now...