Proving My Worth as a Wife

I bet that title grabbed your attention a little!

First, for those of you who have been worried about whether or not I've lost the will to garden, don't! I am gardening this year, and the garden is all tilled and planted, but that is for another day. I need to take pictures and all that still.

Anywho, let me explain the title... I was supposed to be taking a class all through June and into July, then July I was going to be overloaded with classes and I wasn't going to be able to keep my job. So I quit. My last day is next Friday.

THEN I was sitting in class, bored out of my mind, schooling everyone else who was in there, and my professor says to me, "You have taken a similar class, no?" Uh YES! He said I should have the class waived. So I did! Yay for me!

I was able to find another class that can take the place of the dropped one, but it doesn't start until July. So basically, this means that I have the ENTIRE month of June OFF!!! Like, no work, no school... Just proving my worth as a wife...

No more wrinkly dress shirts for the Hubs... Home made dinners, clean house, weeded garden, fresh bread (depending on how hot it is, but with this weather I doubt that will be a problem) and did I mention a clean house???

Yeah, June will be the month I have to be worth my weight in gold since I won't have an income NOR will I be slaving away towards my educational goals... And that is a lot of gold...


  1. Whoo hoo! An ENTIRE month off?! Don't get him TOO used to you being the "good housewife"...don't want him to expect those clean & starched shirts and homemade goodies EVERY day now would we?

    1. Woah woah.... Who said anything about starch???

  2. And really, does ANYBODY starch shirts anymore??