Gorgeous Weather!

Today is NICE. Like, could be out sunning myself in the yarden nice. But instead I found my joy hanging up laundry on the line for the first time this year. I love the smell of clothes right out of the washer. This round of laundry soap, I made peppermint. It smells so good!

Not only do I think the clothes smell good, but so do the bees. I had a standoff with a giant bumble bee over clothes line property rights. I got my clothes hung, but he is still out there, hovering, waiting for me to come back out so he can fly around my head and freak me out some more. Bastard.

Anyways, back to this weather. Despite the awesomeness of today, the forecast is kind of icky. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are all forecast to be below 60. Bleh.

Oh well, I am going to soak in the rays and dry my laundry without using any precious and expensive electricity.

PS - I see that everyone loves "yarden" so I decided to be goofy and make the Yarden a Facebook Page. If you want to see daily stuff, random chicken and cat pics, and garden stuff that doesn't make the blog, feel free to like me at the yarden on Facebook



  1. There is nothing like hanging out laundry on the line - nothing! I bet that peppermint smells good. BTW, I just love "yarden" - love it!

  2. Hottest weather in the nation here this week, 90F every day. We're supposed to cool down to our normal 70s by the end of the week, thank gawd. I've been hanging out my laundry for the past week, and I love it! My bed smells like sunshine instead of dog.

  3. where did you all put the clothes line love it
    i am not allowed to have one here in the valley so i simply bought one that i pull out when i want to use it, then, retract it AWESOME!

  4. Love the Yarden idea for FB! Because I don't spend quite enough time on the internet anyhow! LOL

    I have to remember to flap out my laundry.....ever had a wasp hitch a ride inside the house....in your husband's underpants? Could have been quite the "incident".

  5. It's supposed to be pushing 90 here this weekend, too hot for me!!! Love the new yellow background :)