Its Been a Gross Week

Ugh, I can't believe I haven't posted in nearly 2 weeks. That is ridiculous. I need to get my act together!

So anyways, I know you are just dieing to know why my week has been gross... Ok, maybe not the whole week, but the last 2 days really. Yesterday, I went out in the morning to feed the chickens and let them out like I always do. Then I brought the water holder thing in to fill it up. If you have one of those upside down chicken water things, you know what I cam talking about. Similar to putting an upside down 2 liter bottle in a holder thing for cats. Anywho, so I went back out to put the water back, flipped it upside down (er right side up?) and the top (truly the bottom) popped right off, and flooded the totally gross chicken coop. Needless to say, the coop got an unintentional deep cleaning, then I had to come in and shower because I felt like I had been flooded with chicken poop mud... ICK!

Then this morning, I was making my coffee, and I always set the cup on the refrigerator shelf to pour the milk in. I don't know why, its just what I do. So RIGHT AFTER I poured in the milk, the pizza boxes decided that that was a perfect time for an avalanche. Brand new cup of coffee all over the bottom of my fridge. Needless to say, that also got an unintentional cleaning.

Then my boss calls to tell me that one of the dogs got sick all over the mud room, so I needed to deal with that when I get to work...

Yeah... Its just been that kind of week....


  1. I came over From Granny's site. I absolutely hate those type of waterers! We went to the other kind. It's like a bucket with an upside-down bucket sleeve. It holds 5 gallons but I think they have smaller ones. Maybe an option? I had a morning like your week. Hope your week gets better. :)