I recently lost 2 followers. Honestly, I don't know who they were, but I sure do hate being under 80 again. I am going to attribute these losses to my lack of blogging and them thinking I am boring. Sorry guys, it's been a slow winter!


Well, at least under my grow lights it has! Maybe not outside in the snow, but I am not counting that into this equation...

So, I am taking the approach of, don't write anything down, just see what happens. I know I planted to correct amount of peppers, eggplants, kales, and cabbages.... Oh and a whole tray of various herbs (this chickens have dug up all my pots herbs, so they need to be regrown.) But I don't remember where they are. I am not too worried about though, I will be able to tell when they are older. I FOR SURE will label my tomatoes when it comes time though... I don't want to be getting those mixed up!!!

OH AND I figured out my blogger/picture woes... I edit all my pictures in Picasa... Well, you actually have to save the changes you make before you close the program. All the other programs I have used just save stuff automatically when closed, but Picasa doesn't. Woot! for me!!!


  1. your babies are BEAUTIFUL!!
    a resurgence of new life....

    love you pea pod

  2. Hmmm, maybe I could follow under two different names and put you back up over 80 ;-)

    Your seedlings are lookin' good! And I'm glad you figured out how to get your pictures upright. I was getting a crick in my neck, LOL!

  3. Don't worry about it; I lost one because I posted a picture of a pig's head!!!

    Enjoy Spring; I will when it finally turns up!

  4. I'll be your newest follower! Don't worry.

  5. It's a bummer to lose followers, but you'll gain others. Your seedlings are looking good. Happy planting!