Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter everyone! Don't eat too much candy!!!

Not my photo, not my chick... But isn't it cute anyways???


Double Yolk???

So, we got back from being out of town, and came back to a coop full of eggs. In the bunch, we found this mammoth beast!
I am not sure who laid the egg on the right, but the only possibilities are Blackie and Little Red... Anyways... Lets crack this thing open!!!
It's probably good that we don't have a rooster as these yolks were conjoined... As soon as I cracked it open, the one yolk broke all over the place...



I recently lost 2 followers. Honestly, I don't know who they were, but I sure do hate being under 80 again. I am going to attribute these losses to my lack of blogging and them thinking I am boring. Sorry guys, it's been a slow winter!


Well, at least under my grow lights it has! Maybe not outside in the snow, but I am not counting that into this equation...

So, I am taking the approach of, don't write anything down, just see what happens. I know I planted to correct amount of peppers, eggplants, kales, and cabbages.... Oh and a whole tray of various herbs (this chickens have dug up all my pots herbs, so they need to be regrown.) But I don't remember where they are. I am not too worried about though, I will be able to tell when they are older. I FOR SURE will label my tomatoes when it comes time though... I don't want to be getting those mixed up!!!

OH AND I figured out my blogger/picture woes... I edit all my pictures in Picasa... Well, you actually have to save the changes you make before you close the program. All the other programs I have used just save stuff automatically when closed, but Picasa doesn't. Woot! for me!!!


Happy First Day of Spring!

Happy Spring everyone!!!!

Even though it sure doesn't feel like Spring outside, I am still doing my happy dance! Eggplants, peppers, kales, and broccoli will all get started tonight. Tomatoes come in 2 weeks! Yay!!!


A Night With Joel Salatin

This past Thursday, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a talk given by the One of a Kind, Amazing, Awesome, self described "Christian-libertarian-environmentalist-capitalist-lunatic-Farmer" himself, JOEL SALATIN.

How was it? Amazing. My reaction? Awe. Honestly, he didn't talk about anything I haven't read in any of his books, but seeing the man in person, (in the 4th friggin row!!!) and then hearing him vocalize everything I have read was truly inspiring. Can you imagine being in the man's family, or just his employ? Good Gawd, I want to listen to this man talk every night over a slow roasted free range chicken with heirloom potatoes and carrots. Needless to say, I am fired up to flip the bird to every McDonalds I see, and even more fired up to get the garden season going.

So anyways, after the talk, he was gracious enough to do a book signing session, and yes, I brought my own hardback copy of "Folks, This Ain't Normal" and a camera (just in case.) I was so silly about meeting him, I think the only thing that came out of my mouth was something along the lines of, Wow, I have no idea what to say, but I am so stupid excited to meet you! Thanks for everything! He laughed at me, and offered up himself for a picture. Yes, I (ME) got a picture WITH Joel Salatin!
Dang you Blogger! Please upload my pictures in the right direction!!!

The Man!!!!!! And me....


Wash Your Hands and Cover Your Mouth!

The stomach flu buggie-boo is out there to get you! Friday, my boss was home sick from work... Monday, Hubby was home sick... Yesterday, one of my kids was home sick... Yesterday night, I got hit, then I found out my sister got hit last night (not in contact with any of us) and this morning, my other kid at work is home sick. Unfortunately, I am not there today to take care of him, and I feel totally horrible about it. But, sadly, I have to take care of myself before I am able to take care of someone else. Poor little dude. At least his brother is home to help him out. Poor little guys :(

But, the point is, take care of yourself! Wash your hands, cover your mouth and wear gloves if you are dealing with a sick person. Drink lots of fluids. If you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who got the stomach flu, stay away from them!

On the garden front, not much is happening... I was going to start some of my herbs inside this week, but obviously that isn't happening until next week, possibly the weekend. The peas are supposed to go in Sunday, but it is supposed to snow, so I don't think the soil will be ready for me to dig it up...

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well, and feeling well. Take care of yourselves!


I Am Sooooo Diggin This Weather!

I don't know about you, but here in CLE we have a current temp of 68 degrees. 68!!! I couldn't help myself but to bust open a few windows and get the fresh air flowing through the house. The wind is still super cold, as it come off the lake which is still frozen, but in the gorgeous sunshine it feels like an early summer day.

Now, don't get me wrong, I know this won't last more than today, but I got in my fair share of work in the yarden done. I cleaned out the garage and tossed almost an entire contractor sized bag of garbage. Honestly, where in the hell does all that miscellaneous crap come from??? I seriously don't even know what I tossed in that bag, as evidence that is must have all been junk. Oh, and mouse poop too. Lots and lots of mouse poop. I have not seen any evidence that they have rebuilt their nests, and hopefully, they have moved on (or will soon) since we aren't keeping any feed out there at all. Even the little feeder for the chickens comes in the house at night and gets put back in the morning when I wake them. I am not taking any chances!

I also got the compost turned (holy cow does it stink! and not in a good way) and the chickens went to town on it. Hopefully they will get it all aerated and turned so it can start drying out a little... Maybe after that the yarden won't stink like a poo-pit....

Also got one of the aisles between the beds tilled and seeded... The warm/cold and rain/snow junk winter we have had, combined with scratchy chicken feet, have turned the back yarden into a total mud pit. Today wasn't so bad, as it hasn't rained, but the whole thing is totally void of anything green. No more grass, no more weeds... Just dirt... I am hoping to get the grass going again so that the chickens have something to forage on, and so that we don't walk through mud every time we go out back. When I get the chicken run rebuilt, they will be confined for a month so I can get the whole yarden seeded and growing.

What else? Just spring cleaning. OH! I got a killer deal on organic blackberries yesterday, so I pumped out 10 pints of blackberry-honey jam and tonight I am making a cobbler to take over to Hubby's brother's house for dessert. We are dealing with a loss in his family (his uncle passed last night after a long battle with pancreatic cancer and the after effects of treatment, dementia, and all sorts of other things I can't recall) so everyone is getting together tonight. I think a nice sweet cobbler with lots of ice cream will (hopefully) make everyone feel a little comforted. I secretly think Uncle Bob is responsible for this gorgeous weather... I know he would have loved to have one more sunny day like today.

I just want to say thanks to all my followers out there. I know I have been absent a lot, but trust me, this semester of school is taking its toll on me. I am just so dang busy!!! But, I promise, once the garden is going and the seeds are started, I will have a lot more to talk about. And hopefully pictures!!!!



So, I think I want to keep bees. Ok, let me try again... I want to keep bees. I think they are amazing! I am not allergic to stings, so I am not worried about it.

Anyways, I have absolutely NO IDEA what I am doing! I don't know how to get started, where to turn, or any of that stuff. SO I need you! Any advice on where to go to get things rollin??