Oh, Good Morning Garage

This morning, I just couldn't take it. I woke up, took the dog out, and then checked on the chickens. Then I saw the mouse mess. Again. Like I do every. single. day. I decided that today was the day.

Since I now have the chicken feed inside the house, there was nothing left to do except down and dirty in the garage. I moved the now empty plastic garbage bins (what the heck am I gonna do with them? The bottoms look like Swiss cheese) and hauled out more than half torn apart bales of hay (yes, hay, free from a neighbor) and emptied out the plastic bin that was housing my loose straw. I moved everything out, and started sweeping. I swept, and swept, and swept. I threw stuff out, I shoveled, I swore.

All in all, I threw away 3 industrial garbage bags full (well, full and heavy enough for me to still be able to move) of mouse crap. Mouse dirt, mouse pee, mouse crap, mouse straw, mouse food, and sadly, no actual mice. Honestly, I didn't hear or see a single mouse. But I sure did scoop a lot of poo. Oh yeah, and I tossed some REALLY old and gross rotten squash from last summer. Gotta get rid of all the food sources, right?

So, on the bright side, half of my garage is now clean, and the other half is just full of junk. Stuff that needs to be organized like gardening tools, chicken wire, trellises, etc... You know, garden stuff that goes astray all year long.

How was your morning??


  1. How was my morning? The septic tank backed up last week, so this morning we are having half of our driveway cut out, septic tank crushed, and hooking up to the city $ewer. Ye$, it'$ very expen$ive. I guess you could say my morning, so far, is crap. Literally.

  2. Time to put out some trap and bait :) Sunny, clear, supposed to be in the low 50's today! I'm going to wash my windows! They're gross from the storms...

  3. Sorry to hear it. We had the same problem last year. The mice found the chicken feed. We solved our problem by storing the feed in an old top-lid freezer that a friend gave us!

  4. BUT. Do you now feel accomplished having done so? :)