I REALLY Need Winter to be Over

Ok, not because I am like, tired of the cold/warm and snow/rain confusion we have had all season, but because I REALLY need something to blog about. And I need something to do other than keep my head buried in books about stuff I don't really care about (school.) I need to start seeds, plan stuff, get my hands dirty, and do something other than just look at my garden and wish Spring were here. I need something to do other than just let the chickens out into the yard and mix feed.

Oh, about the chicken feed, that leads me to a thought. I also REALLY NEED to clean out the garage. We unfortunately have been playing host to who knows how many mice this winter, but let me just tell you, they have decimated my chicken feed. I mean, obliterated it. At a rate that I can't really put into words. The past 2 winters, or however long we have had chickens, we have never had this problem. I always kept the feed inside plastic garbage bins (problem - duh) and the mice ate their way through the plastic bin, through the plastic garbage bag, and of course through the paper bag of feed. Oy vay.... So now the chicken feed is in the house, and I mix it in a bucket (2 parts layer pellets, 1 part scratch mix - don't ask me why, it just sounds good) and then take the bucket out side and feed the girls. The bucket is elevated on top of the metal grill, so I am pretty sure the little mouse bastards can't get to it. If only I could see the little buggers (I have lots of "evidence" aka mouse crap everywhere on everything) and hear them rustling in the straw all the time, and Hubby said he actually had one scurry across his hand, but I have yet to see one, anywho... If I saw one, I would try to bash the living tar out of it. Go ahead, call PETA. But unless you want to pay for my chicken feed, keep your opinions to yourself.

Anyways, back to the garden. I hope it will be super awesome this year. I have it well planned, for the most part, and I have all my tools and supplies ready to go... Can I start now?!


  1. Mice are a sore point around here. They not only crap on everything, but their piss is horrible! And yes, they can crawl up a metal stand. I've seen them do it. Think you can convince DH into letting Chicken Stalker Jr. become a "garage cat" in order to take care of the mice? Have you tried the bucket trap for the mice? Look up "Bucket trap for mice" online. It's worked well for us.

  2. Love. Just love. That is all.

    Ok, actually I have more to say. I agree that winter needs to be over. I have never hated winter as much as I do now that I live on a real farm. Winter can just fall off the calendar permanently as far as I'm concerned.

    Here's hoping that spring comes SOON!!

  3. I HATE mice. I had a problem and now keep my chicken feed in metal trash cans. It has eliminated mice for me. Our yard rooster now knows the sound of the trash can lid being removed and runs to the barn shelter to have his meal. You may continue to have problems unless you move the straw/hay. Mice will nest and search for seed in any hay/straw you have around. Finally, I mix my feed 2 to 1 the same way you do and also have no idea why. I read somewhere that you should only give 10% scratch, but I've feed my chickens like this for years and they are thriving.