Woah, I Miss You Blogger

Jan 13... That was the last day I posted. I can't even believe it! The last 3 weeks have gone by insanely fast. School and work have taken over my life, exactly as I predicted they would. I did however, get time (no idea where) to find my seed sowing chart and get my shelf and plastic set up. I still have to hook up all the lights and mats and whatnot, but at least the structure is up. I didn't take a picture, but here is a link to last year's shelf, which is the exact same setup this year. Although this year, I was able to find REAL seed starting cells rather than those tiny crappy things you find at The Big Orange Store that need transplanting after like, 2 weeks. Yay!!

As I was looking for a picture to show y'all, I came across an old post entitled WTF is Up With This Weather?! that was from January 17th... It seems that last January also had two unusual warm ups, so, I guess this year could be considered normal? I wonder if I should start keeping a weather journal?? Yeah, like I need another thing to take care of and keep track of around here....

It seems that everyone out there is having the same thoughts as me... Seeds Seeds Seeds! WTF is with the weather?! Spring is around the corner!!!


  1. have been wondering where you were tiny gardner

  2. Yes, I know how that goes. I try to write a blog a week but it's usually more like one every 10 days to 2 weeks. Try as I might, work always ends up overlapping with, well, my real work (creative writing). The important thing, however, is to keep writing as often as you can.
    Also, I keep a weather log. I usually write it just before bed. It's become a habit and now I seldom miss a day. It's only about three or four lines, doesn't take more than a minute.

  3. Hi there Tiny Gardener

    Same in every country .... we are thinking WTF too. I think we are all itching to start planting. Roll on Spring. :)