Resolution Re-Do and Dark Days Challenge

Ok, so I will try to keep true to all those goals I made in my New Year's post, but I wanted to write out something more. I resolve (yes, resolve) to be truer to myself and to keep my word. So, part of this means getting back on track with my blog, and keeping promises.

The blog has been falling to the wayside lately, and I don't think I am happy about it. I need to get it re-focused, re-energized, and re-everything.

So, to start this resolution off on the right foot, I am bringing you my first Dark Days Challenge post! Sorry I have not been on the ball Nancy!! For those unfamiliar with the Dark Days, we are supposed to post once weekly about a meal that is prepared with as many local ingredients as possible. Challenge because it is, well, winter! So here it is.

Tonight I made pasta with tomato sauce. It was a lovely bowl of summer, and one of our favorite meals. I used eggs from our hens for the pasta (the semolina was grown local, but is locally milled) and tomatoes, peppers, and garlic from our summer harvest. The onions/olive oil/salt and pepper were not local, but tasty nonetheless.
Are you doing the Dark Days Challenge?


  1. You tease! I'm on a stinking juice fast and now you suddenly decide to post a yummy Dark Days Challenge!!
    Pure Evil.

    1. Haha! You are such a nerd Carolyn! Amd yes... It was a yummy dinner!

    2. Holy Crap! I thought you were just making fun of me, and now I see you really ARE on a juice fast. You Go Girl!!!!

  2. Good for you, looks good! I'll post one soon too :)