Finally! Storage!

Look, if you had exactly 2 closets in your entire house, you would be as excited as I am about this too!

I have had plans for awhile about turning our back room into a storage room, and have finally done it. It is a nice little room, but really isn't suitable for anything except storage. We tried it as an office and as a bedroom... As a spare bedroom, it was insanely tiny, as we only have queen size beds. As an office... Well, honestly, no one in their right mind wants to spend any time in there because in the summer and winter, it is usually about 15-20 degrees warmer/colder than the rest of the house.

We were using the only closet (unfinished and dirty and ugly) on the first floor as an everything room. Cat litter, recycling, storage... You name it, it was in there. Seriously, everything. I got my shelving set up, moved everything out, cleaned up, and replaced only the cat litter boxes and litter, cat food, and recycling. If we didn't have a dog who considered "anything cat" a delicacy, we would have moved those out too. Hubby intends on finishing that room at some point this year, which will entail insulation, drywall, and flooring.

But, I know you are dieing for pictures, so I will stop rambling and present to you.... My New Storage Closet!!!! Can I just say that I am sooooo happy I finally have a home for the vacuum cleaner?! I am sure my guests (once in a blue moon, but guests nevertheless) will enjoy NOT sleeping in a room that contains my extra storage bins, vacuum cleaner, and boxes of junk.
The now clean and very empty "cat room"
View from main entry door in the foyer. This old shelf was left in the basement (because it weighs a gawd-dang ton!) and came from an old church and used to hold bibles. I figure it is strong enough to hold my canned goods and miscellaneous leftover office junk :)
view from the cat room door (next to the bible shelf) These shelves hold my canning supplies and tools, as well as miscellaneous food stuffs that won't fit in our regular pantry such as extra pasta and cereal, condiments, and soon... Coffee (I go nuts when this stuff is on sale) Also I am going to bring in my winter squashes that are probably frozen solid from the garage. This room will stay cold enough during winter to keep them fresh(ish)
View from the back shelves, the cat room door
View of the other wall from the back shelves... An ENTIRELY EMPTY SHELF UNIT!!!!! I have no idea what I am going to do with myself!!! (Well, except for my vacuum attachments) Oh, and don't forget Oliver...
Now, I know you are jealous... That is ok, it is a perfectly normal reaction when you see something so awesome. (Perhaps I am too excited about this?!) Now, I am going to answer a question for my mother... Why did you make this room storage when you have a basement the size of your entire first floor? Well, honestly, because I am lazy. When I am in a hurry or need something from that room, I don't want to have to trek into my old, dirty, dark basement to get it. That and, I can now say I have THREE closets in my whole house.


  1. Shelllllvvveeeesssssss.......Stoooorrraaaagggeeeeee!
    Gee, we must have had the same house builder; we only have two closets here too! WTF is up with that??

    1. Is your house old also? What is it with old houses?? I mean, people back in the day had to have junk too, I mean, no way they didn't have crap laying around just like us modern gals. Where did THEY put their junk?!

  2. Thank gawd I have a 2 car garage, and since we sold the pickup, I have room for junk! I don't have a basement, and the crawl space is unusable. I have my closets crammed full.

    Better put some shop lights on that extra shelving....start some veggies for your garden!

  3. wow, I would be excited too! I do have a small attic and a basement and closets but they are all full!!

  4. rockin AWESOME!! I LOVE IT.... and uh, with your basement stairs... I uh would not be a fan of running up and down either... hmmm wonder if that washer and dryer would fit in the cat room... hmmm.. just a thought... haha (dont let hubby see my suggestion)


    1. Hubby already suggested that we put the washer and dryer in there, but I said no... And it's a good thing I didn't let him because we have a leaking door seal... I hate front loader washers :(

  5. ha! we thought WE were the only ones with a cat room!