Chicken Issue

Ok, so this is going to sound weird when I explain it, but I am concerned. Blondie (Americauna) has a saggy butt. Seriously, it looks like her fluffy butt feathers are hanging down an inch or so lower than where they should be. I picked her up and checked her out, and her vent looks fine, not prolapsed, albeit slightly pinkish and irritated. But what it DOES look like is that she sat in a pile of poop which is now weighing down her feathers.

I tried to clean off the poop with a warm rag, and I was not successful. I got the poop off the skin around her vent, but I can't get the poop off her feathers. I thought about giving her a warm bath (yes, I have "bathed" a chicken before, but in the sense that she was egg bound, not that she was dirty and needed a scrub down) but decided against it because it is, well, flippin cold out!

It is supposed to warm up and rain a ton this week, so I am thinking I should just wait it out and let the rain take care of the poo. I also changed the light in the coop so that it goes on at 7 instead of 5, giving their little systems a break. And we are NOT hurting for eggs, so I really don't care if it slows down. And the other hens don't seem at all interested at pecking at Blondie, so that is a very good thing. All her health signs are good - red perky comb, keeps an appetite, runs around with the other hens - so I am not too horribly worried, but she just looks so weird with that saggy butt!!!

Update since early this morning - She laid an egg at about 10 am, so at least I know she isn't egg bound


  1. Is it a saggy abdomen, or just sagging feathers because of the weight of the poop? Does she have normal chicken poop, or diarrhea?
    I've had poopy butt chickens before, and I guess I'm just lazy, but didn't do much unless they looked sickly and it usually just takes care of itself, not sure if they groom it out or if it rains and gets washed off or the feathers just come off with the poop. Although I have cut the chunkier parts off if it's just dangling there and I can get the chicken.
    I've also noticed that some of my chickens poop kinda "shoots" out, while other chickens just squat & it just drops out, usually coming in contact with their butt feathers. And, some of my chickens have REALLY fuzzy/fluffy butts, whereas others aren't so fluffy. So I think the fluffy-butted, non-poop-shoot'n birds would be more prone to getting an icky bottom.
    I know, a lot of help I am. And spending WAY too much time watching chickens take a crap.

  2. Lol, not that I wanted to think about poop first thing in the morning, but poop-shootin?! Hahahaha!

    She looks entirely normal other than the saggy butt feathers, so I don't think she has a saggy abdomen. As for her poop, I think it is fairly normal, and I haven't seen any runny poops in the yard...

    I am going to give it today, and if she doesn't clean herself up or look any better, I am going to have to cut off the poop with scissors... She will look so weird with cut feathers!!!

  3. I would just bring her in and give her a butt bath :) A little dish detergent and warm water, dry her of well, so she doesn't get chilled. The disinfect your sink! Poop shooting could be diahhrea?

  4. I'm for waiting it out myself. In my limited experience with chickens, they are amazing self-healers!

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    1. Haha, yes... But in all fairness, I dead preface the post with saying, This is gonna sound weird...