Appliance Woes

The past 6 months have NOT been a great time in the life of the appliances at Tiny Gardener Homestead... Last summer the fridge and freezer died. Recently, my vacuum died. Last week, my washer (front loader) started leaking water out the door seal. Today, the washer is gushing water out the detergent drawer and not even dripping into the washer drum...

I have googled this issue, and the instructions said to remove the drawer, clean it, and check the top of tube for clogs. Nada. That is all I can find regarding the issue... Has anyone else had this issue??? I REALLY don't want to have to buy a new washer, but if I do, I am getting a top loader. I have had enough of these front loaders...

Update: Thanks for the advice everyone! I finally found a link online from a lady that said "I make my own laundry detergent, and sometimes it clogs the tube so I routinely clean it with near boiling water." I thought, OMG THAT IS ME!!! DUH!!!! It worked like a charm!!!!!


  1. Maybe a clogged tube? I would try and get it repaired, rather than replaced. We've done that and our dryer is still running after 15 years. Just ask around for a reputable repair person and get a firm quote on parts and labor....

  2. Did you check up inside the tub itself? Sometimes a sock or something like that can get up in there and close off the bellows.

  3. If you buy a top loader get the regular kind. We got one of the ones that is water efficient. You are supposed to be able to wash a king size comforter which is a joke. The water only goes up the drum half way. They tell you to load the clothes to the top but then the top clothes dont really get into the water. I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!